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Thumbs Up 20% of All LOC Kits
Posted by: rdh8 - 07-15-2017, 12:42 PM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - No Replies

Is bringing you an awesome "Deal".
[Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png]
Choose any or all of the LOC kits and receive 20% off your purchase.
This includes the NEW 7.5 Patriot and the return of the King Viper III.
All the NEW Nano Magg, Micro Magg, Minie Magg, Mega Magg
All is in stock, your order will ship right away..No waiting
Kits can only be shipped, no pick up at launch.
click on www.amwprox.com and and save now

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  Astron Skydart II help needed
Posted by: Kirk G - 07-12-2017, 09:50 PM - Forum: Low Power - Replies (2)

OK, so on impulse, I picked up an Astron Skydart II on discount sale from a local vendor.  I figured I'd have some fun with this Skill Level 3 kit as I assemble it at my leisure.
I've opened the package and discover the instructions are in three or four languages, with a minimal amount of description.  There appear to be about 32 parts, not including a few multiple rings and washers that have me concerned.

My first step is to read the instructions and try to follow the assembly, and while it seems pretty straight forward, I want to make sure that I've got the right part before I try gluing things together.  Note: NONE of the parts, tubes, rings or washers are labeled by any part number, NOR ANY DIMENSIONS!

So, I'd like to ask for some help identifying which rings and tubes are which before I start assembling them.  Can you confirm for me the COLORS of the following parts?

FIVE part "I" rings that appear to be metal washers.
Two part "G" green?
Two part "C" clear plastic rings?
One part "D" split ring in green
One part "FF" that appears to be a thicker fiber filler ring? in Green?
one part "F" that appears to be a normal ring, also in green?
one part "E" that may be a motor stop? in yellow?

There are four tubes of varying lengths included:
one tube "J" in natural tan as the main body tube?  about 13" long
one tube "A" in white that is 12" long
one tube "K" in white that is 6" long  (I am guessing that this tube is slit in half to form two shells on either side of the body tube?
one tube "X" in yellow that appears to be some sort of insert spacer only?  about 2 3/4" long (70 mm long)
one tube "H " in white about 2" long (50 mm long)
one launch lug "L"

I can't seem to spot a pin, part "U" anywhere. Is that packaged with the five metal washers, parts "I"?  or elsewhere?  How critical is this?

Any help in confirming that I'd identified these parts correctly before I begin would be helpful.
Thanks in advance!

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Posted by: Stickershock23 - 07-10-2017, 10:14 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (3)

Well guys and ladies looks like this is the place now!

  for those that dont know me I do custom  Vinyl graphic  for your high power rockets  and MORE!

  we do  full color printed decals  banner  vehicle wraps  trailer graphics   large size printed posters and MORE!
 We are not only the biggest "rocketry"  graphics company out ther  we are also a full service sign shop.. so if oyu need it done  we can do it!

  Since  some of the other forums  are going to the wayside   I have decided I will be making  announcements HERE  and on our facebbok page   this will  be for new items  and offering  PLUS  specials  sales and events!

 if you would like to receive  E_MAIL  notifications for these things too  go to my website  and create a user account  make sure you put you  latest  e-mail address and you will start to get these notifications soon (and you can always opt out if you decide to)

 thanks for looking and remember


 Mark and Marian

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  eRockets and Semroc
Posted by: eRockets - 07-07-2017, 06:32 PM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - Replies (3)

eRockets is new to the forum.  We are planning on posting our regular special deals here.  We will also be posting newly available kits from Semroc.  Watch for a big deal coming up very soon.



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  Specialized Tubing For Sale - Bulk
Posted by: Sunward - 07-07-2017, 02:37 PM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - Replies (1)

We have an excess of 2 tubing products we no longer need and for sale. By the case only.


All prices in US dollars. Sunward will pay any brokerage charges to the US.

Shipping is extra - I need your city and zip/postal code for a quote

For the record are still going to keep many rocketry lines.

We will also continue to be a seller of ProX hardware and motors from CTI. Our retail hobby division is to continue.

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  July SALE & FREE shirt day
Posted by: rdh8 - 07-07-2017, 12:11 PM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - No Replies

SALE for independence day

Rocketry Warehouse

4in fiberglass Patriot kit $139 w/FWFG nose

4in fiberglass All American kit $169.

And both come with FREE t-shirts.

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  TRF Vendor Fees
Posted by: MarkH - 07-06-2017, 11:28 PM - Forum: Rocketry-Related - Replies (10)

Here is an interesting thread on TRF. I thought it had been deleted, but appears to be just locked now.


Thread: TRF vendor fees
4 mins read
Yesterday, 07:17 PM #3
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Lifetime Member
Join Date
8th August 2014
Rockford, IL
$25/month is ass-tronomical for our little niche market. That makes the vendor is making 5-10 sales per month JUST for TRF access. Many of our vendors are making just around 5-20 sales/month anyway. Very few are making a living at it. CTI and Aerotech are the only large companies for whom this kind of advertising fee would make any sense. But even then... Rocketry is a small hobby and TRF is really just a message board for hobbyists. If anyone has a responsibility to maintain the costs, it's us, the hobbyists.
TRA #15280 - QCRS, Tripoli Wisconsin, WOOSH
Level 1 - 9/28/2014 Wildman Sport on CTI H163 White Thunder
Level 2 - 5/23/2015 Wildman 3" Darkstar CTI J400 Smoky Sam
First Mile+ & Mach+ - 9/25/2015 Wildman Punisher CTI J360 Skidmark
Level 3 - 5/15/2016 Wildman Gizmo XL-DD-V CTI M1540 Imax
Yesterday, 07:28 PM #4
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Lifetime Member
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27th July 2014
south beloit, IL
I'm on another forum for one of my other hobbies (no- it's not related to trolling). This forum is much larger than TRF, with way higher traffic and larger user base. It's run by one guy, who's an enthusiast, not just an "owner". Everything on the forum is free to use, and when he needs money to cover the hosting fees, etc.. he'll put out a request for donations. Usually he gets what he needs for several months at a time. He gets this money because he's cultivated an environment where people want to donate to keep it running in the way that he wants. FYI- there are no ads on this other site either.
NAR# 99285
Tripoli# 16283
L1- 4/26/2015 Madcow Cowabunga- H123SK
L2- 11/1/2015 Wildman Darkstar 2.6- J355RL
Yesterday, 10:05 PM #10
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Never Fly Naked
Join Date
18th January 2009
hurricane utah
I guess I'll post it here.
I want to thank everyone for their support.
Ive been here on TRF of MANY MANY years and have always loved it..
but this is the last straw.. I will NO LONGER BE A PART OF THIS FORUM
Im sorry to those that only come here.
I will be doing MANY different places such as facebook (do a search you can find me there dont forget the 23) or search mark hayes im the little green guy icon..
I have talked to a LOT of others people who supported this forum for a LONG time seems many will be doing the same..
so while this thread is still hear pass it around.. you can contact me through the regular channels (e-mail is still the best) or visit my website.. (dont forget the 23)
I guess I can only say one mre thing
hope to see you at a laucnh soon!
"Exceed Your Visions"
This is the same type of stuff that chased away Upscale CNC and plenty of others. Shame.
Today, 12:57 AM #14
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Lifetime Member
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18th January 2009
I keep promising myself I won't post here anymore and then I go and do it. I don't know that other people were given a free pass, I think it's more an oversight situation. For quite some time, I automatically paid a monthly fee (not $25) until one day the forum cancelled my payments. I was still able to post and didn't worry about it. I don't visit regularly anymore and don't know when the fee to post situation started. But earlier this week I got a message telling me that the forum couldn't find records of any recent payments. Well yeah, they cancelled them, that generally means they would stop getting them.
It's not worth $25/mo. to post. I've been far less active on the forums lately, we're doing most of our communication through our Facebook page. We'll just continue on that path for now, it's working out well so far.
Don Magness
The Squirrel Works Model Rocketry
Follow us on Facebook
I have seen the future and it is just like the present, only longer.
Today, 01:14 AM #16
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2nd January 2009
Fake outrage, fake news, spread by people who have always hated on RocketryForum for their own personal gain of trying to poach members to another forum.
We had multiple Vendors complain that some people were bragging they paid nothing or $5/month that the previous owner had and which we honored for years even though with PayPal fees it came out to near nothing.
The program being discussed now is not a new program, it's what the majority of Vendors were on and now people who in some cases DIDN'T PAY were asked to pay what everyone else does, they want it back to their original price of free and have sent threatening messages about wanting their free services back. When we didn't respond to threats their new tactic is spreading lies on Facebook and here about evil businesses gouging the little guy. We had other Vendors sign-up right away, it's only a fraction of these people who want everything in life free that are trying their best to cry. It's never been free to post ads on RocketryForum, since it's near inception but not surprising there are those who think everything should handed to them.
Take your fake news back to Facebook. Build your forums and Facebook groups legitimately instead of spreading lies and spamming this forum.

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  Visit Today
Posted by: Sunward - 06-15-2017, 05:36 PM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - No Replies

Had another inspection for the licence for the High Power Motor Storage.

Can't call it a magazine!

Everything in order.

Seems I get them every 2 years.

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  Rocketry Related Domains for Sale
Posted by: Sunward - 06-11-2017, 11:32 AM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - Replies (3)

Sunward is thinning out its porfoilio of rocketry domains and placing them for sale.

We either had future plans for their use and these domains are currently being used to direct traffic to one of the main Sunward sites or have their own page. No ads are on the sites. Hosted on a dedicated server with dedicated IP's.

The following are for sale:
see below

All prices are in USD. The buyer is responsible for transfer fees ( typically around 10.00) or free push where available.

During the transfer period, we would continue to forward/host to our sites.

Sunward Group Limited does not share its hosting server.

Larger amounts payable by escrow.com or by wire transfer ( to save escrow.com fees by the buyer).

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  4in Der Red FiberMAX
Posted by: rdh8 - 06-06-2017, 11:18 AM - Forum: Vendor & Manufacturer Display - Replies (3)

Thats right
The Der Red Max has grown up.
4in diameter RED colored fiberglass tube.
Black blunted nose cone.
Black fins.
And I just finished a set of skins for the fins, for those that want 1/4in thick fins like the original.

There nomex honeycomb and weigh nothing.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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