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Rocketry Acronym suggestions - CrankyKong - 07-04-2015

You left out LIL which is short for "Land in Inaccessible Location.".

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - rstaff3 - 07-04-2015

You put in 3FNC, but forgot his big brother 4FNC. LSO is more typically LCO (Launch Control Officer). And your rendition of cato is good enough for me!

Keep the list going and see if this forum can sticky posts.


Needs MSL (mean sea level), which is the basis for waivers IIRC.

Happy 4TH!

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - eljefe - 07-04-2015

I suggest adding SRM for Solid Rocket Motor.

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - luke strawwalker - 07-04-2015

GSE is not limited to hybrids... Technically it refers to all launch equipment that remains on the ground but is essential to launch the rocket, such as pads, controllers, rods, batteries for the launcher, wires of leads, etc...

Later! OL JR

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - Viking - 07-05-2015

Thanks Guys!
Cranky, I've site searched three forums and can't find that one, doesn't appear to be in common usage?
rstaff3, Thanks for those, I originally put RSO and LSO in at the same time so I must've had a blonde moment as I did intend for it to be LCO.
Luke, cheers. I've only seen GSE mentioned in threads about hybrids, more specifically threads about Micro Hybrids not needing GSE(N2O or LOX bottles etc). Your point makes sense though.

Edit: Just remembered one while adding LIL.... LL
How could I forget a Launch Lug?!

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - K'Tesh - 07-05-2015

PML Public Missiles Ltd (Manufacturer)

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - Viking - 07-05-2015

Thanks K'Tesh.

Now the forum software is really starting to play games.
I've manually edited all the www links, so they're working.
But now the space between 'PML' and 'Public' won't work.

Edit: OK... now it's working and making a liar out of me!

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - CrankyKong - 07-05-2015

(07-05-2015, 01:10 AM)Viking Wrote: Thanks Guys!
Cranky, I've site searched three forums and can't find that one, doesn't appear to be in common usage?
I should have followed my comment up with a LOL!

LIL is a play on the old machine language programming joke about the instruction to JIL (Jump to Inaccessible Location) which is similar to HCF (Halt and Catch Fire).

Computer wonk humor and STI (Safe To Ignore).

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - Viking - 07-05-2015

Hah ok, my only limited experience with Assembly was with the PIC chips years ago, I quickly moved to a C compiler.
I don't remember any jump commands for the PIC's only a goto so would never have picked up the play on JIL.

I'll leave it there, who knows, it might catch on?!

RE: Rocketry Acronyms - Trident - 07-05-2015

NCR is now back on their own again, selling thru Apogee and eRockets. Also, BG should just be "Boost" Glider.

Great list!