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Flight Data - JEAdams - 07-11-2015

I have never flown at a NAR or any other launch.
I have always just launched in my life long friends farm field.
But I want to start keeping data on my launches.
I would like to know what the "Flight Card" or what ever it's called, includes.
If someone would be so kind as to post pics of all the flight cards they have used at sanctioned launches I would be greatly appreciated.
I can make up my own flight cards in a 6" x 9" printed form and keep them in the many binders I left over from work.
TYK, ya'll

RE: Flight Data - WvonBraun - 07-11-2015

There is one on the Sunward website:

Attached is one I downloaded:

RE: Flight Data - JEAdams - 07-11-2015

That's a lot of stuff. I don't think that is what I'm looking for.
Isn't there a flight card you have to do at an NAR launch for each flight?
I was hoping to fit a flight card in a 6x9 binder.
More or less for my own personal knowledge.
And get me use to filling out forms at a sanctioned launch.
Although, Angelo did a nice job on his sheets!

RE: Flight Data - WvonBraun - 07-11-2015

You want this type of stuff?

Each club has their own version. The one from rocketreviews is generic.

RE: Flight Data - phlash - 07-11-2015

Here's our SEVRA flight card