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TRA altitude record flights - stealth6 - 12-09-2015

If going for an altitude record (TRA):

* Does some sort of official (like a prefect) have to witness the flight?
* Does TRA need to be notified of the attempt before the flight?
* Can "any commercial altimeter" be used, or does it need to be a TRA-issued unit?
* If the latter on the question above, how does one go about obtaining such a thing?
* What is the process of submitting a flight for consideration (where to send data, proof, details, etc.)?


RE: TRA altitude record flights - MarkH - 12-09-2015

The records section of the new Tripoli site seems to have fallen by the wayside, but here is a link to what was on the old site. Check out the rules, it should answer most of your questions.