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Loki 38/240 Motor Hardware - MarkH - 12-31-2017

Since I don't have any flyable 38 mm rockets at the moment and don't really fly that much either, I'm looking to clear some stuff out and maybe burn more reloads than I buy in 2018. But I will give this one away;  a flown twice 38/240 Loki hardware set. Details follow.

For someone looking to certify level 1 I will provide this hardware set, and 1 reload free of charge. The only catch is the recipient must post a build thread here on this forum (cross post of build on another forum will void this offer) of the currently unbuilt rocket they plan to fly for certification. Upon completion of rocket and build posts (with pictures) I will provide the hardware and a reload from a Loki vendor.  Bonus, if the flyer flies at MDRA, I will instead provide 3 loads (1 of each red, white, and blue) for this case. If interested send me a PM on this forum.


RE: Loki 38/240 Motor Hardware - MarkH - 05-08-2018

This motor has been spoken for. Donated to Indiana Steve's L1 attempt.