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Big Bertha Stealth - IndianaSteve - 01-07-2018

Well since it’s freezing cold in Indiana this weekend, I thought a fun build was in order. I had a Big Bertha kit in the build pile and decided to put her together. 
Looking at the little 18mm motor mount made me think man this could really get up and go with my stash of F32-4t Blue Thunder engines! So I fabbed a custom 24mm engine mount and retainer and dropped it in. While thinking of stabilizing this girl while screaming though the air 😂 I oversized the fins and made them out of 3/32” balsa instead of the 1/8”. 
I finished it out in a black metallic pearl paint and once my custom decals come in, I will apply them and clear coat. 
Well enough rambling out of me, so here’s a pic, and one with her little sister for fun 😁
[Image: vo9sFM.jpg]
[Image: 1nepPW.jpg]

RE: Big Bertha Stealth - luke strawwalker - 01-07-2018

Nice! Love the paint! OL J R Smile

RE: Big Bertha Stealth - MarkH - 01-08-2018

Looks good.
Now you need the Super Big Bertha.

RE: Big Bertha Stealth - IndianaSteve - 01-08-2018

(01-08-2018, 01:39 PM)MarkH Wrote: Looks good.
Now you need the Super Big Bertha.

Yes I do! 😎