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MLAS and the Fat Boys
Band name?

I had some finishing issues with the Quest MLAS and the result is a rocket to be admired from a distance. 

[Image: img_75391.jpg]

The Fat Boy is a clone, 24 mm powered, bashed from a Mega Mosquito kit. Decals by Sandman.

[Image: img_7533.jpg]

Of course the Mega Mosquito kit came with a Mosquito kit as a bonus, and I couldn't let that go to waste, so... an MMX power Micro Fat Boy. Decals also by Sandman.

[Image: img_7530.jpg]

Here's the Fat Boys together.

[Image: img_7536.jpg]
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club
+3...very nice
Member of MDRA, NAR and NARHAMS;
Level-2 certified but mostly fly G and under;
Volunteer compiler of manufacturer's news for ROCKETS Magazine.
Very nice!
John S.
NAR #96911
TRA #15253
Level 1, 2014-Mar-15 -- Aerotech Sumo, H133BS
Level 2, 2014-Jun-21 -- Giant Leap Vertical Assault, J240RL
Level 3, 2016-03-12 -- MAC Performance Radial Flyer, M1101WH, 13,028 feet

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