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Binder Design Velociraptor (伶盜龍/Líng Dào Lóng) project
Well, as most of you probably already know, I've been desperately in love with the Binder Design Velociraptor ever since I laid eyes on THE first one.  Not just "my first one", but THE first one, the very first Velociraptor ever built.  I was particularly blessed to live in Beaverton, Oregon, where Mike Fisher displays the prototype Velociraptor at Tammie's Hobbies.  

[Image: 11004224804_0d60a1465d_c.jpg]

Unfortunately for me, I was living there when I had a low paying job, and was stuck paying off my student loans.  I could never afford it.

I've got two unfinished downscale builds of it.  One stalled when I wasn't happy with the talon fins, the other hasn't quite made it that far.
Over on TRF, my build got the attention from Mike Fisher, who owns Binder Design if you don't already know, and he's helped me on all of my Binder Design rockets since.

Now since I've graduated, and I had a lucky break where I didn't need to pay rent for a month (house/dog sitting), I picked up a Velociraptor, and Mike even kitted me a variant of the OOP Raptor, which will soon be re-released as an even more powerful rocket.

To date, the Velociraptor hasn't had much work done on it, other than the AV bay being started, and the baffle built.  Mike has graciously provided me a lot of information on the prototype VRaptor, and my goal is to reproduce it (as best I can) in its current 54mm configuration (The prototype was a 38mm rocket).  

I asked mike about the retainer he used on it, and was told that it was not metal (as it appears to be viewed from the floor of Tammie's), but actually it is a painted PVC union from Home Depot that was sanded down, and painted with Rusto's metallic paint.  He cautioned me against trying to reproduce that in PVC as he had problems with it melting some from the heat of its launches.  He was nice enough to turn out a metal retainer for mine when I got the scratch together to pay for the custom part...

Ready for some rocket bling folks?  I know I am!

[Image: 23040014879_67f90d5a23_b.jpg]  [Image: 23040015069_bc79b7f3cd_z.jpg]  [Image: 23407995205_573a8f6d56_z.jpg]

So, it once that is done, I can get started on building my dream rocket...  That is, just as soon as I get to China, and it arrives so I can get it out of the box again.
NAR #100544

"The Guide says there is an art to flying", said Ford, "or rather a knack." 
"The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

Launching is Optional... Landing? That Depends on Trees.

I've always like the look of the velociraptor. Split fin models are my favorite (except for a good MD), so I expect one of these to find its way into my collection eventually. Although it may end up being a clone as I like fiberglass kits way too much.

NAR# 98194
Level 1: CTI I-216, 3,043'
Level 2: CTI K-740, 5,999'

Personal altitude record: 12,400' CTI L395
2014 total impulse: 9,018.2 Ns (76% M)
2015 total impulse: 7,171.7 Ns (40% M)
2016 total impulse: 18,664.2 Ns (91% N)
2017 total impulse: 8,281.1 Ns (80% M)

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