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Punisher 4 Kit Bash - Minimum Diameter Build
Vacuum bagging dry run. Just testing to see if I can get a good seal with the Home Depot leaf bag. Blue tape on the top end worked well sealing the leaks.

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Traced a fin pattern for cutting the CF to size.

Cut out 8 pieces of CF plain weave - 2 layers per side.  Cut half on a 90 / 0 degree, and the other half on a 45 degree angle. 

Sanded fin can to get it ready for laminating.

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Moving right along.

I used Aeropoxy laminating resin with 60 minute hardener.

Did this in my garage with temps in the 50s,  which works wonders for slowing down the cure. Took me about two hours from starting to mix epoxy till I got it all in the bag.  I mixed 25 grams as a I went, 5 cups 125 grams total.

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Here are the results of the carbon fiber layup.  Not my best job but it turned out well enough.  I averted near disaster, after I had gone out to run a few errands.  After it had been in the bag for about 5 hours,  I went to check on the pump and decided to transfer everything from the garage to inside, while still under vacuum. When I brought it inside  I noticed the motor case that I had hanging out the back end had slid up inside.  It was around midnight and if I hadn't noticed it I would have had a ruined project in the morning with bunched up CF on the aft end and a stuck motor case.

Since the epoxy was stilly merely thick as opposed to Aunt Jemima lite syrup thin, I figured I still had time.  I stacked up motor cases and couplers and somewhat gently rammed the tube and fin can downwards over the stack, as the stuck 98mm 2 G case  began to budge, about a half inch at a whack.  After cleaning up the case and wrapping it in layers of clear 3M Scotch tape, I inserted the case in the bottom and made sure everything was tight inside with no gaps so the case would not travel up inside again.  I smoothed out the bunched up aft end of the layup, put a new bag on and starting the vacuum pump again.  By the looks of the cured layup, you would never know I had an issue.

I need to cut off the excess and sand and fill some before eventually painting everything.

And here is a not so good pic of some local swine, to get you in the mood for Easter dinner.

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Getting things ready to paint.  Sanded the fin can pretty thoroughly with 100 grit, and attacked the nose cone with 150 grit.  The polycarb. nose cone was pretty difficult to sand, but necessary in order to get good adhesion.

And primer.

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I painted it blue to match the Turkey.

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I absolutely love that color. What is it?
Mason Hazzard
NAR 93790 L3
Purdue University
(11-27-2016, 12:16 PM)mhazzard Wrote: I absolutely love that color. What is it?


It is Summit Racing automotive paint.  The color is coastal blue.
Well, that ought to be fun to try and see in the air. ;^)

Cool build Mark!
Getting this ready to launch. At the URRG launch this weekend.


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