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Punisher 4 Kit Bash - Minimum Diameter Build
Treed again.  I've now launched this rocket twice at Potter, and it has landed in the trees both times.  This time it was way up there.  The Amish farmer that owns the property where it landed let me go look for it.  I had GPS tracking, was standing right at the coordinates, could hear the StratoLogger beeping out altitude (sounded like 9500 something ft), but could not see it.  I had to walk around a bit and stand back at a distance before I spotted it.  It was late in the day on Sunday and everyone had gone home when I went back to the launch to ask about a pole.  I came back  on Monday with a 30 ft pole purchased from Lowes, and it was useless. I duct taped a tree limb to the pole to gain another 10 feet and still wasn't close.  The booster was up there at least 50 ft.   So I gave up and went back home to MD.   I contacted the URRG BOD, who put me in touch with Squirrel.  Amazingly Squirrel made the trek out a few days later and was able to retrieve my rocket.  The nose cone was stuck over 100 ft up there per Squirrel. Still need to pick it from Squirrel but huge thanks to him.

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