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Need Advice on Altimeters
Speaking for myself, my interest in an altimeter is purely that: interest.  I just wanna know all that stuff.  I fly exclusively LPR (for now Smile), but on the larger side (D's and E's) there is plenty of capacity to haul a decent altimeter into the air and also plenty to learn about how high it's going, how well-timed the ejection charge is, etc.  Nothing essential necessarily, but fun.

When I flew my Solar Warrior on an E15 it clearly went way over 1000'; I would love to know how high exactly.  It was also high enough that I couldn't clearly see the ejection, and so don't know how good my timing was.  So for me an altimeter would just be a knowledge and enjoyment enhancer.

For smaller stuff when staying well under 1000', I probably wouldn't bother though.

The Firefly is nice in that it is inexpensive, small, and light, and could easily be lofted by almost all but the smallest LPR rockets.  A good starter I would think.  Personally, though, I would want more data than just speed and altitude to get the most interest and fun from it.

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