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Astron Skydart II help needed
OK, so on impulse, I picked up an Astron Skydart II on discount sale from a local vendor.  I figured I'd have some fun with this Skill Level 3 kit as I assemble it at my leisure.
I've opened the package and discover the instructions are in three or four languages, with a minimal amount of description.  There appear to be about 32 parts, not including a few multiple rings and washers that have me concerned.

My first step is to read the instructions and try to follow the assembly, and while it seems pretty straight forward, I want to make sure that I've got the right part before I try gluing things together.  Note: NONE of the parts, tubes, rings or washers are labeled by any part number, NOR ANY DIMENSIONS!

So, I'd like to ask for some help identifying which rings and tubes are which before I start assembling them.  Can you confirm for me the COLORS of the following parts?

FIVE part "I" rings that appear to be metal washers.
Two part "G" green?
Two part "C" clear plastic rings?
One part "D" split ring in green
One part "FF" that appears to be a thicker fiber filler ring? in Green?
one part "F" that appears to be a normal ring, also in green?
one part "E" that may be a motor stop? in yellow?

There are four tubes of varying lengths included:
one tube "J" in natural tan as the main body tube?  about 13" long
one tube "A" in white that is 12" long
one tube "K" in white that is 6" long  (I am guessing that this tube is slit in half to form two shells on either side of the body tube?
one tube "X" in yellow that appears to be some sort of insert spacer only?  about 2 3/4" long (70 mm long)
one tube "H " in white about 2" long (50 mm long)
one launch lug "L"

I can't seem to spot a pin, part "U" anywhere. Is that packaged with the five metal washers, parts "I"?  or elsewhere?  How critical is this?

Any help in confirming that I'd identified these parts correctly before I begin would be helpful.
Thanks in advance!
I found a parts list burried deep in one of the parts envelops that answered all my questions.

However, I'm not certain how to seal or finish the balsa wing that I am about to assemble.
Anyone have any tips or suggestions? I usually seal with a water and wood glue slurry, sanding, and after several coats, primer and then paint...
but I understand there are concerns about weight and too much paint. So I'm debating whether to seal the balsa before using a primer & paint combo spray white from Lowes.

Comments, please?

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