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Stickershock 23 Military Missle sale
Well ladies and gentlemen  I guess its time I used this forum  for an announcement! .

 starting today  and running until  August 13th 2017   ALL  Military Missile decals are 25% off.

 this is an easy one  Just go the the website   log in to your account ( or create one)  and  go to the Military Missile section.

  Find the decals you want   put them in your cart.. then use  code military 25 at check out and get 25% off  as many military decals as you can handle!

  this offer is good  for ANY decal in the military  missile section.   use the discount code as many times as you like.  you CAN  purchase MORE than just military  decals in the order BUT the discount will only be on  those  military items.  cannot be combined with other offer or discounts, and  is  not  for use on CUSTOMIZED decals.

  I guess thats it for now..   lets see how this does      so thanks for looking and remember

 Never Fly Naked.

 Mark and Marian.!

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