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Der Saturn Max
(04-15-2018, 05:56 PM)MarkH Wrote: Wow! There's some really nice detail for a DRM-Saturn mash-up.  What size is the main body tube?

Sorry, I disappeared for awhile and didn’t check back! My wife and I did a 5500 mile road trip, with NSL in Geneseo right in the middle.  Still recovering from the trip.  Incredibly fun, but a bit much for 16 or so days.

This is an Estes 1/100 kit, so it’s a 4” tube. It was missing some pieces, so I decided to bash it into a Max.  Here is the final product, with Stickershock vinyl.  

I plan to fly at NARAM-60 in Pueblo in about a month.

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NAR 55948, L2
In Build: Mars Snooper
Next: upscale Sky Hook (Panavia kitbash)
In Finishing:  Estes Honest John, Red Nova, Super Cobra

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