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Anybody got a working definition of Oddroc?
An odd roc is any model rocket that appeals to the prurient interest as judged by community RSO standards. If, at first sight, the mere appearance of the odd roc shocks the conscience of the RSO it may be banned prima facia, a summary judgement with flight card termination using extreme prejudice. High power odd rocs face the highest level of scrutiny and are not a protected class, consequently any level of discrimination is acceptable. Like Little Orphan Annie the odd roc flyer faces a "Hard Knocks Life." Odd rocs are not suitable for certification attempts. Given a high level of supervision and good conditions they may be allowed at the "Far Far Away" pad if the crowd is chanting its' desire to witness a really good crash. Written warnings as to odd rocs designed with out computer simulation need to be issued on a regular basis to mitigate damages in any future litigation.

Do not fly odd rocs if you are experiencing chest pain, as this might be an indication to future complications. If the thrill of an oddroc flight last more than three hours please seek the advise of the nearest certified RSO immediately.
Nailed it!
"I don't care what they're referred to these days...I'm still calling them 'Igniters'"
A rocket that flies in spite of itself.

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