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The boys and their projects
Yet another build going on at our house. The boys started their new projects for the next club launch June 10th. My oldest is building a 4” MadCow Cowabunga, and the youngest is building the always great Estes Executioner. 
Both boys started motor mount assembly and some fin prep last night. Should be another great launch coming up. 
My boys love getting their hands dirty and building just as much as they do flying!
[Image: APrQ7F.jpg]
[Image: xrnEmN.jpg]
[Image: AX1hzN.jpg]
[Image: cbvKPe.jpg]
Nice to see the kids getting involved. Before you know it they'll be going for their L1.
Well my youngest son has made a bit of progress on the Executioner. All assembledand ready for fillets.  Between all the baseball games and school activities it has been a little short on time to get in the workshop and work on rockets. 

[Image: z67T7V.jpg]
Well my youngest son finished his Executioner build today. He strayed from the factory design and went with a gold and black scheme and dubbed it Cloud Buster. Can’t wait for him to fly it at our next club launch next weekend. I had to break out my old Executioner and will fly it with him. 
[Image: MTfMR8.jpg]
[Image: UMC0vR.jpg]
My oldest son finished his MadCow Cowabunga tonight. Paint scheme is blue and gold and dubbed the Screaming Eagle. He is pumped to get it in the air!
[Image: HOO5JH.jpg]

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