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Aerotech M1400C (75/5120 Classic™ Propellant) Motor Build
Alright kids, time to build a 75mm baby M motor with Aerotech Classic propellant.

Currently there is only one certified motor using the AT Classic propellant (the 54mm K400C DMS motor).  Classic propellant grains are available in 75 mm from the RCS web store, so we are going to make our own uncertified M motor.

First step, buy 4 Classic propellant grains and a 75/5120 RMS EMK from the RCS store.
Second step is to wait two weeks for motor delivery 🚚 from RCS.
I am going to hit fast forward on step 2, as the propellant was delivered a couple weeks ago.

Step 3, assemble the motor.

The EMK includes all the inert parts. The smoke grain is solid 38 mm black jack propellant, as noted in one of my other Aerotech motor threads. The nozzle was left at the undrillled throat size (0.685), as that provided about 770 psi pressure in Burnsim, and better results than the next size larger standard drilled Aerotech throat size. I also talked to Karl at Aerotech and he said Classic uses the same throat size as White Lightning for a given reload size.

The propellant is charcoal in color. There was a little oxidation on the grains. Batch date on the propellant was 6/22/20, so I assume they were pretty fresh. See propellant and assembled motor pics below.

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The motor was assembled per the usual Aerotech instructions. I did not bond the grains to the liner as the rocket is only going to see about 20 gees. Seems unnecessary.  Pics:

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Step 5: Launch it.

Thrust level seemed a bit higher than the M1297 White Lightning for the same case.  Maybe more like a M1400.  I didn't have an accelerometer on board to get a thrust profile.

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