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hi from Oklahoma
I am from Skiatook, Oklahoma. I stand for the flag and only kneel to God Almighty.

I have a tendency to get political and religious from time to time but if your offended it wont bother me.

My priorities are 1. God, 2. my wife, 3. my kids, 4. rockets. 

Anyway got that out of the way. I am LEVEL 3. I fly in Leonard, Oklahoma and Pawhuska, Oklahoma and once a year in Argonia. 

I fly Aerotech and occasionally cti. i fly fiberglass rockets with a cardboard rocket here and there. i have a wife and 2 kids. 

me in a nutshell 

Andrew Lathrop
Tripoli #13005
Level #3
Tulsa Rocketry
Leonard, OK Pawhuska, OK Argonia, KS

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