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Full Version: And name it "Falling Behind"
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Anyone here follow the comic Questionable Content?

I am fully expecting to see someone, somewhere build and launch a rocket based on this week's mildly NSFW guest strips:
(and anticipating:)

(though I expect them, unlike Pintsize and Hannelore, to follow the Safety Code.)

Edit: Huh. Anticipated wrong.
This rocket would probably be named "spanks", butt I'm getting ahead of myself, my finances right now are so far arrears, I don't know when I could possibly attempt something like that assuming that things don't turn around soon and I score some booty.

Being broke is a pain in the arse
Looks like shuttlecock with two Egads did I just write that?
(06-18-2015, 10:56 AM)rstaff3 Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like shuttlecock with two  Egads did I just write that?

Yes, yes you did.... Rolleyes
Birdie gone bad. Conjoined shuttlecocks for a buttocks rocket. Clustered, no fins with G string recovery. Yes, a banning on first sight is in store.
Or perhaps a new Estes K-Kit - The Astron Moon-Glo.....