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Full Version: Hybrid Propulsion - 2015
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This is not a propulsion forum without a hybrid thread; what are your hybrid goals for this year?
Jeff Jakob recently reinstalled his website. He uses my igniters in all his hybrid record attempts.

Attached is my hybrid firing. 17k LB 12 sec 18" x 144" chamber. Big Grin


Just Jerry
Very nice Jerry, what was the fuel used?

I used to participate in the Hybriddyne forum, as Mr. Bill Colburn was there to answer a lot of new-guy questions... glad it is coming back.
86% HTP and HTPB/AP.  Filament fiberglass casing with phenolic liner.

Winding the filament case.

Fuel grains, mid process.
So the largest hurdle for me, which is far surpassing just getting back into rocketry, is trying to acquire my own ground support equipment (GSE). I know it can be cobbled together if I were of the plumbing and electrical wizardness, which I am not, so I am dependent on the few (couple) GSE builders/sellers that are left among us. Of course once I have acquired the gear, I will be the only one in the state of Alabama that can launch hybrids... for that matter, I will probably be the only one in the state of Alabama that even gives a hoot about hybrids... I can live with that... less wait time for the launch pad etc!
The Future is not Solid - Korey Kline

Cute saying.  He was wrong.
My goal is to fly my Micro Hybrid...once. I know, I know....this barely counts. Or maybe it doesn't.
The Micro-Hybrid fits as far as I know... There are still motor & rocket kits being today. Specifics?
I haven't followed who may sell them nowadays. I got the kit from Rene Caldera and a helpful TRFer machined them for me. He used the materials from Rene's kit and also made me a bunch of extra parts, closures, nozzles and various sized ejectors. Turns out aluminum and even plastic (don't remember which plastic) nozzles work as well as the graphite on these tiny things.

I know Art Applewhite was selling the plans, but it looks like his site is mostly shut down.

I have only flown these in saucer-like objects and one 'boink' rocket. Without a test stand or an altimeter on board I couldn't discern the effects of the different ejectors but tend to go with Rene's baseline as he invented the idea and probably got that right. I flew it about 10 times early on and after that try to use it once a year.
(07-22-2015, 09:56 AM)rstaff3 Wrote: [ -> ]My goal is to fly my Micro Hybrid...once.  I know, I know....this barely counts. Or maybe it doesn't.

A micro-hybrid is still a hybrid. Maybe even more impressive to accomplish it so small. Now a micro-liquid would be scarry cool.
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