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Full Version: Madcow Screech at LDRS
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Two flights to around 8600'.  J1026 Loki Cocktail at 36G and 1100 ft/s.   K1127 Loki Blue at over 50G (spiked the altimeter :Sado no speed)

[Image: 19218190771_c171a6a398_c.jpg][Image: 18593955203_b98d2eb144_c.jpg][Image: 19026878020_3f1b7a2f72_c.jpg][Image: 19028370649_e02773138a_c.jpg][Image: 19188920796_78d759b604_c.jpg][Image: 19028878609_97dd17f67b_c.jpg][Image: 19209156862_920ba8bbdc_c.jpg][Image: 19028878259_aaf391f277_c.jpg][Image: 19218703581_f382ddc942_c.jpg][Image: 19028877809_82e0f0bebc_c.jpg]

[Image: 19215010755_6500ab4c9c_c.jpg][Image: 19027432458_c4ff76737b_c.jpg]
[Image: 19241996625_f8c8aa1e5c_c.jpg]
Nice looking rocket. Looks best with fire below it. What the f*** is the 'f***' in the photo about?
Thanks!  I'm thinking of naming it "See-Ya! " or "Punch It! "   I'll likely only ever fly it on 38/1200 and 38/1320 loads  (hoping AT comes out with a green load for that case)

I changed it to a more friendly NOOOOOOO.  But my thoughts where not "noooo"   Smile    I wired the charges backwards and blew the four foot main at 8700 feet.  Luckily It recovered not too far away in a good place.

All four launches on the bird-

[Image: 17772071686_b19e3d2372.jpg][Image: 17612107379_3410a67086.jpg]
[Image: 19026878020_3f1b7a2f72.jpg][Image: 19028877809_82e0f0bebc.jpg]

[Image: 19205526182_6d769e26f5_c.jpg]
OK, thanks. Like the trajectory plots on top of one another.
That's some serious Screech'in! And some really benign wind conditions those trajectory plots.
As cool as the Loki's are, that At shot is the bees knees. The color of the flame is just down right angry looking.
I love those J510W's

I do need to fly one on the same day as a J1000. Settle that one up nice.

hows this for angry?

[Image: 17178007103_ec53dfa8ee.jpg]
That really is beautiful!
There is nothing like Whitelighting!
It is a total waste of propellant as all that flame and smoke is caused by propellant burning outside the case, BUT it is WORTH IT!.
Looks just like a shuttle booster too cool
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