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Full Version: NARAM-58 Emergency
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According to the NAR president report from NARAM-57, none of the 166 section in the US applied to host NARAM-58.  There were several reasons stated but basically they were:

1. a 7 day event was TOO long and expensive for people to attend (I never spent more than 4 days at a NARAM)

2. The number of NAR competitors has shrunk to a very low level

3.  The rules for competition are not easily understood or even available for that matter (you have to read the rules of the event and all of the other general riders that go with them or face disqualification).

4.  Changing the rules to make contests easier and relevant to today's rocketeer is impossible.  Balloting for rule changes is basically done by a restricted listserv.  For example, altitude events are still tracked by theodolite rather than electronic  altimeter like the one Estes sells.  In almost 35 years in the hobby and 4 NARAMs, I have yet to even see a theodolite in person !  Good luck in finding someone who can work one well enough to accurately track rockets.  It is an old man's skill that is fading into time.  There is resistance to bringing in the new technology.

Given the situation, a NAR committee to save NARAM is in place.  The Board of Trustees were going to consider options like a 4 day NARAM rather than 7 day, rule changes made without interference from the "insular" listserv members, and perhaps new events like, say Estes Altimeter Altitude or perhaps an event that requires a rocket to be built and detailed to the display picture on the kit package.

It would probably not bad to have a return rule as well. No rocket no points.--just an opinion

What is not an opinion, a site for NARAM-58 has to be picked before October, be it by standard means or by emergency protocols.

Angel Astrosaint, NAR 34611
I have never been to a naram but i have run 2 LDRS's. We opted to do them both as 5 days mostly because were masochistic! That was our choice both times, I doubt anyone will ever do a 5 day again!
Really lower it to 5 or 4 days makes a lot more sense. Changing the rules to allow modern technology is a MUST!
Creating HP contents like "name your" altitude, closest to a mile without going over and mach busting are a lot of fun, those might draw the modern Adult flyers.

Good Luck, How many years did it take NAR to accept High Power? Now many are casting their own propellant!
I know how to operate a Theodolite and have built several. I used to run altitude events all the time. It's not hard. The real problem is participation is so low now the positions are hard to fill with an event of such low cadance. For years I have suggested it be run like an old regional meet. It is relatively easy to get trackers for 3-4 hours in a day. Duration in the morning and altitude in the afternoon. 

The best time to fly rockets is after daybreak but most NAR and TRA events start at 9-10. I started Lucerne launches at 7-8 and we were done by 3 for a relaxing afternoon and back for night launches. It bred comraderie. 

They need to modernize it. 
If they rules are controlled by people who no longer actually participate then NARAM is toast!
5 day events even are just brutal. Even as just a flier. Taking an entire week of vacation time ( I had to take two for LDRS this year), and spending it away from family is is hard. And you could have Disney world next door, it just never sells as a "family trip".

I'm all about knocking down the days of any event. I doubt I'll ever spend a full week at one for at least another ten-twenty years.
There is a theodolite app in the app store for iOS, as a passing point of potential interest, but this kind of event does not sound like something I'd be interested in participating in. 7 day event is just way too long. Three is tough for me to swing.

Competition rocketry has never held interest for me. If I'm going to take time off work, coordinate child care/custody, and drive to an event, I'm going to Higg's Farm to try and fly a motor larger than I ever have before.


Dave I think ldrs34 will be the last 5 day ldrs ever! We did it because frankly the Core Organizers have or had lots of BALLS!
LDRS 35 is June 8-12..... seems the trend of 5 days lives on.
That club has 300 members and it hasn't happened yet
LDRS 34 wound up being 2 days and a really weird monday, and I think most people got their important flights in. Cut down on the fluff a bit when word got out about the weather. Going until nine Friday was awesome. 10-6 is good logistically, but the best times to fly are typically early morning and late night as far as wind goes. Getting fliers up to fly at 6 isnt likely, but going late was sweet.
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