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Full Version: Edmunds Aerospace Gliders
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About a year ago, I ordered a set of three gliders from a vendor who handled Edmunds Aerospace Gliders.  A good number of  the models were sold out, including almost all of the up-scaled Maxi- versions.

However, I got a Delti, a Tinee, and a Cici.

I built all three and found that I really enjoyed the simplicity of both the Tinee (since I had a couple of packs of motors that would fit) and the CiCi, which seemed to go up and float around in lazy broad circles to the delight of the crowd... (We had no wind on Saturday).

But now, as I glance over another rocketry Forum, I see that Edmunds Aerospace is no longer supplying their gliders...and a warning to snap up anything that's in the pipeline at any vendor, cause there is no plan in place to continue production for the foreseeable future!

This is terrible, cause the CiCi is such a great little glider.  I hate to see them get retired.  I value mine so much! Sad
You mean Edmonds Aerospace. Fly 'em if ya got 'em. Eventually they'll make more.
I noticed the Edmunds website is now defunct too. Looks like the domain expired and was taken over by a squatter somewhere in Asia.