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Full Version: Golbin Drag Race
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OK, so our local vendor had invested in a couple of Goblin kits from SEMROC that included a promotional T-shirt as well.

A couple of us snapped them up at the last club launch, and then I got an inspiration.  It's been about a year since I spotted a postings promotion a goonie/odd rocket launch involving three different colored Halloween candy baskets.  So last year, I bought three that I found on discount and challenged the local vendor's assistant kid to a "drag race".  Well, I won, but not without his trying to cheat, which i get is half the fun.

So this year, I'm thinking of issuing a challenge to all comers to build a Goblin and then join in a drag race for the month of October launch.

How do you think this should be done?  How many points or rules should there be?
Just wanna have fun here.   (Might put my XL T-shirt up as the surprise prize at the end!)

Heh I wouldn't have any rules except maybe requiring it to be original size. But I have to warn you (having done it recently) that you can make an uprated Goblin that looks exactly like a normal one but will take a CTI 24mm 2-3G case. Too bad I don't live anywhere near your club Wink