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Full Version: 38mm CTI "wildman" nose cone
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Hi all, stupid question here. the new nosecones wildman and others are selling, how do you attach a harness to these? 
When Tim first started selling them he said to grind a groove on the inside of the shoulder then epoxy some kevlar in place. Well i tried that and even jbweld and the strap wont stay!
I should mention this is the 38mm molded version..

anyone have photos of how they are keeping the strap attached??

Thanks in Advance
I used this nose cone for my 38mm MD build ( I don't have a picture of shock cord attachment, but I can get one when I'm back home later. I used some CA glue and poured it into the tip and stuck the shock cord into that. Once that dried I poured some west systems 105/205 on top of that and let that cure. The only way it's coming out is if it snaps.
When I did mine, I just sanded well and JB welded sort of how you describe. Works for me.