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Full Version: Launching is Optional... Landing? That Depends on Trees.
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There are two kinds of rocketers, those who have lost rockets to trees, and those who are going to lose a rocket in a tree.

So, what have you lost to hibranchius cetchumneatum?

Me, I lost a Defender, and my first Cherokee D, as well as my first Venus Probe.
I am missing an Argent, a SuperNeon XL, and the one that hurts the most: a Baddazz Defender MK II.
None yet. I've never even come down particularly close to a tree.

Grass, now... I've lost 'em in grass.  Angry
If you haven't had one land in a tree, you haven't launched enough!
I've put up about 75 or so high power flights over the past five years and have yet to land in tree.

Water, however, is another matter. Rockets don't swim well.
Cranky, I think I'll stick with a tree as opposed to the water, as I climb better than I swim! Wink
None yet!

But then again....I haven't launched many yet either!  I will keep trying until I succeed!!!!
Now that's the attitude to take! Smile
One advantage of living in the desert is large swaths of tree-free space. I had plenty of tree-seekers in the mid-west though. Luckily, they were all recovered (thanks in part to my dad and his ladder).
The desert certainly has it advantages with the lack of trees and great line of sight, but the NE has some advantages too - like a nice soft grassy covered field to help cushion the blow of landings, and avoiding paint scrapes when an open chute drags a rocket along the ground.. Wink
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