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Full Version: Estes PortaPad E
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A while back, I complained about the safety of the Estes PortaPad E, when mine was damaged under normal usage, and someone's pad actually caught fire when the rocket either popped the nozzle, or hung on the pad.

Having the plastic swivel exposed directly to the flame of the motor just seems like a bad idea.  I've heard that Estes has changed it, and received as a warranty replacement one that addressed another issue (legs flexing too much), but haven't seen anything that addresses the bare plastic to flame issue.

Has anyone picked one of these up and seen changes? In looking at the instructions online, it looks unchanged from before.
Someone at Estes must really think it is a good idea to have the rod mount above the blast deflector. Honestly, if you really like the pad, it may be a good investment to get a cutter wheel with a 1/4" hole and slide it over the rod so that it sits on top. Or even the regular PortaPad blast deflector on top of the rod mount.
You can also slide a small clay pot down the rod to serve as a "ceramic" blast deflector, and protect the plastic mount.
Mary Roberts sent me a copy of the latest version of the instructions (they're still not up on the website, nor are updated photos of the PPE launch pad)  Here's what I got...

Basically, they added legs to keep the blast plate up off of the base unit as well as positioning it over the swivel, instead of under it.