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Full Version: What is your most frequent recovery method?
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Power Dive
Mid-air Capture
Steer to Target

Comment on your favorites and interesting methods and experiences.

I voted Shovel. I mainly fly ballistic steel or aluminum rockets.
I'm cutting a LOT more spill holes in my parachutes.
The older I get, the spill holes keep getting larger.

I know you are not supposed to catch them before they hit the ground.
But the catalog pages (and Centuri cover) showed we could!
I'm flying a very detailed model I'd rather catch it than have something break off on a hard landing.

I picked a chute as my favorite recovery method, but where the rubber hits the road I would have to say my favorite recovery method needs to be one where the rocket is recovered intact!
I spent my youth trying to catch my rockets under chute, never did catch one. 

As an adult my very first HP club launch in Geneseo my car caught one for me right straight in the middle of my windshield...
I used to catch my model rockets all the time.

It was a whole lot more fun than the shovel I use now to recover the reusable rocket.
When I was a kid I used to catch my Estes and Centuri birds all the time.
I was faster then than I am now... Wink
Mainly, I use nylon chutes that I can then curse as they slowly fall apart over a decade and maybe then release my rocket from the tree.
I confess, I was tempted to answer "Shovel", but I see we can only vote once.
I've had a few streamers, a few gliders, and a few "stuck in the soft earth", but the most common recover for me as always Parachute, and I would think that's going to be the run-away favorite for rocketeers....
You need to add "Limb cutter".   Smile
Absolutely parachute. I like the descent as much as the powered flight. I'm not overly keen on plastic 'chutes and have gotten a CATO parachute in every size that I need. Love those things—they're built like a 'chute should be. A pleasure to see your rocket under one.

For smaller diameter rockets, and I have quite a few, regular Top Flite nylon 'chutes that aren't paneled have to be used as the CATO's are a bit bulky in smaller tubes.

And yes, if I think I can catch it—I will.
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