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Full Version: MDRA ESL 209
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MDRA will open up the winter season at Higgs Farm next weekend11/21 & 11/22.  I've heard about an O motor and an N motor flight planned so far.  Starting the season out right!!!
Looking forward to next weekend!
Hoping to be there as much as possible - Mythbusters tickets Saturday night with the young'ns but other than that should be clear.
Desperately hoping to be there, maybe going for Mach 1. Weather-dependent.
WILL BE THERE. Hellraiser flight planned for L3 attempt. At least 4 other HPR birds, a few MPR, and some LPR which we are going to flog into MPR territory because 24mm reloads are a hoot.


We're planning to set the field up Friday. Should give us a head start on getting some rockets in the air Saturday. Lets hope for a few more days like this past Sunday.

See you at the field Saturday.
The new "This End Up" will make its maiden flight Saturday when I attempt my L2 flight again. The first "This End Up" now resides in the 100 acre woods at the sod farm. This time around I have a GPS tracker installed.


Edit: rotated image so the right end was pointed up.
The HOJO will return to Higgs on Saturday.

Are you stay at the hotel Friday night Tom?
Also flying on Saturday at MDRA is the Tube Fin
CTI M3700 to 1000'

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