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Full Version: RockBlock Sat based module
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If you get the weekly Sparkfun new product emails you probably saw this... this could have use as a satellite based tracker in a high dollar Black Rock flight or similar, in place of RF tracker or perhaps as a redundant tracker.  Minimum dimension for the bare device is 76 mm which is a tad on the fat side.  The price on the manufacturer site is ~ 180 USD. 



can' figure out the video embed, oh well
Nice that you can pay as you go for the Iridium service.
Pretty cool overall. The "naked" module is only 51.5 mm wide, but 19mm high so it is not going to sled into a 54mm tube, but should easily go in a 3" or better tube. You do have to pay > $10 for any month in which you use it. Requires external antenna and a decent battery (quoted 100mA @ 5V). Can provide inflight readings regardless of altitude as long as the GPS stays locked. No cell coverage or ground RF propagation issues...there's a lot to like here.
That's really cool. I like that you can get two units and they can talk to each other anywhere in the world. Would make getting data back from a high altitude project very easy.