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Full Version: Cheap range boxes
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For anyone looking for a cheap range box, Home Depot has these 24" plastic tool boxes on sale for under $5: 

There's also this, 3 small boxes that nest into a larger box, under $8: 

I picked up one of each, not sure exactly how I'll use them but at the price why not. I certainly wouldn't try to use the tool box for tools, but for rocketry use it should be fine.

I also got a pair of these LED eggs: 

I have a dual egglofter with a clear egg capsule. Could be a night eggloft in my future.
Cool... I'd love to see the eggs lit up at night... how heavy are they?? 

Later!  OL JR Smile
They're heavy, about 90 g each. The idea is they're weighted to balance on the big end.

On reflection there may not be a way to make these work for a night flyer. The LED turns on when you tap the egg on a surface, and you turn it off the same way. In other words it turns off if you apply a high acceleration. Um.

I'll investigate further, but I may end up being forced to use them for their intended purpose or something.
I saw those boxes. If I didn't have several re=purposed tackle boxes, I'd jump all over them.
They could probably be made to work-- just crack 'em open and scramble the parts around to get rid of the "bump" switch...

How's that for puns?? LOLSmile

Later! OL JR Smile