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Full Version: Okay, what about Quest?
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I know they merged with Aerotech, but does anyone know when we can expect product from the merger?  Kits?  Engines?
Bill did they merge, or did Aerotech purchase Quest (or vice versa)?
I heard there was some sort of merger, but then saw a post saying it was an acquisition.

Quote:RCS Information Release

July 18, 2013

RCS, Inc. and Quest Aerospace, Inc. Announce Merger

RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc. President Gary C. Rosenfield announced today that the two companies have successfully completed a corporate merger. Quest Aerospace, Inc. will be closing its Colorado facility and moving its operations to the RCS facility in Cedar City, Utah. Rosenfield will remain as RCS President, and Bill Stine current President of Quest will become Vice President of RCS.

“The two companies have nearly identical manufacturing operations and the merging of the two operations into one is a major cost savings for us”, said Quest Aerospace President Bill Stine.

Quest is widely known as a leader in the beginner and education markets for model rockets. Its kit designs and rocket motors are geared for the entry-level rocketeer. The RCS/AeroTech line of mid to high-power products starts right where the Quest line leaves off. “We will be the only hobby rocket company in existence that can bring a fourth grader into the hobby and carry him all the way through to an ‘M’-powered Level 3 certified flight and beyond with our own products” said Rosenfield.

Rosenfield and Stine expect the move from Colorado to Utah should be complete within thirty days and customers should see very little interruption of shipping.

For further information, please contact or

RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc.
2113 W. 850 N.
Cedar City, UT 84721
(435) 865-7100
Thanks for the information Rich!
A lot of "mergers" start out with one company's head serving in a VP etc. role for a few years, and then leaving after the usual 2 - 3 year interim contract is over.
It should be interesting to see how this plays out here with Bill Stein....
I assume the merger means that any plans for alternative motors from the Quest-side of Aerotech are dead. Of course, they were vaporware a couple of times before anyway.
I hope there will be new information about Quest announced at NARAM-57.
I was wondering a bit about Quest myself. But after the dock workers strike ended. they got a good supply of kits , motors, even some Q2G2 starters (though not enough). and on another forum the AT rep stated they are working on some new stuff. 
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