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Full Version: Handy Reference: Semroc's old body tube product list.
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The old (Post-Carl, Pre-Randy) body tube list of products from Semroc is a potentially useful resource giving you not just Estes body tube sizes, but Centuri's as well. The list has thinned since the change of hands, but I managed to download the list before the change of ownership.

So, for those who could use it, I've converted it into an Excel Workbook file, and attached it here.

Share And Enjoy!
And I reconverted it to a Google Sheets document, for anyone who prefers that:

Here's a tube chart I compiled of all the tube sizes I could find from various manufacturer's lists that I had in my records... I posted it to YORF a few years ago.  

The second one is one I picked up online, basically for upscaling/downscaling using commonly available tube sizes.  

Enjoy!  OL JR Smile

For some reason the first one doesn't look right here... download it on YORF and it should work right.

Later! OL JR Smile
Thanks guys!! Smile
I printed it out a long time ago and put it in a 3 ring binder with other things.
What I like about it most is can look at old plans, take the part# off the plans and match it up to a length of BT.
It's key when lengths are not given on instructions for cloning or up scaling.