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Full Version: Fire and Explosion at Cesaroni
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For those who did not hear, there was reportedly an explosion and fire at CTI yesterday morning, at least two injured, here is the article from the local news outlet:

Please do not speculate and please keep all comments positive and let's hope for a speedy recovery for all involved.
Thanks for the update. Poor Jeroen. Ugh.
CTI officially posted a statement on TRF in this thread :
its the first official news. I hate to mention another forum in a post on a competing forum, but it is good information.
Why not just "cut-n-paste" it so that we could read it here rather than referring everyone to the Terribly Run Forum and increasing their numbers??  It's easy enough to do...

Later!  OL J R Smile

Here-- Like this... VVVVV

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated News and Well-Wishes thread

   On Thursday, March 24th at approximately 10:30 AM EST, a fire broke out during approved procedures in one of the propellant processing buildings at Cesaroni Technology Incorporated’s Gormley, Ontario facility. The fire was confined to the affected building. Surrounding buildings and structures including the main plant were not affected. Emergency response teams responded immediately. Three CTI personnel were in the area where the fire occurred. Two have been released from hospital and the third remains hospitalized.

   In light of the previous information distributed on this forum, CTI can confirm that Dr. Jeroen Louwers (TRF member "DrJ") was the third employee and that he was seriously injured/burned in the incident. He is currently in one of the best hospitals in the country. That hospital has specialty facilities that provide the best possible treatment of the injuries he sustained.

   Jeroen is currently in critical but stable condition. We understand that non-family visitors or contact will not be possible for many weeks and we ask everyone to be respectful of Jeroen, his family and loved ones throughout this time.

   The CTI family has been fractured by this devastating incident. Jeroen is more than just an employee; he is a cornerstone of the CTI family. He is our leader.... our colleague.... our mentor......and a close friend to everyone here.

   We know that he has also been an integral leader and friend within the hobby rocketry community and that he has touched the lives of many within that community. His enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, thehobby/sport is unparalleled, as all who have interacted with Jeroen over the years can attest.
   The CTI family is looking forward to Jeroen’s recovery, but it will be a long process. CTI will not be posting updates in this forum on Jeroen's health out of respect for him and his family as they endure the recovery process.

   For anyone who has visited CTI, they that know we are a tight knit family, so please be patient and respectful during our healing process as well. We will be forthcoming with information at the appropriate times. and in the interim, we ask that you not speculate, postulate, draw conclusions, etc. regarding the incident.......Do this out of respect for Jeroen! Anyonewho knows him understands that is what he would want.

   The incident is currently under investigation by the relevant public authorities with CTI providing technical support. It did not involve any hobby (HPR) rocketry motors. The root cause has not yet been determined. Given the nature of this incident, the investigation may take considerable time and, while it is ongoing, CTI and its staff cannot comment further.

   For those of you wishing to show your support, as Gus highlighted in a previous post, feel free to share kind stories or experience you have had with Jeroen in the past. His family has been touched by all the support he has received to date and is being shared/communicated with Jeroen at the hospital.

   Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

   NOTE: The TRF member (CTI) posting in this forum onbehalf of CTI has done so with the direct approval from CTI and will not be responding to any private messages

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(04-03-2016, 11:26 PM)luke strawwalker Wrote: [ -> ]Why not just "cut-n-paste" it so that we could read it here rather than referring everyone to the Terribly Run Forum and increasing their numbers??

Didn't know there was a competition going....
(04-04-2016, 11:33 AM)Bat-mite Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-03-2016, 11:26 PM)luke strawwalker Wrote: [ -> ]Why not just "cut-n-paste" it so that we could read it here rather than referring everyone to the Terribly Run Forum and increasing their numbers??

Didn't know there was a competition going....

There isn't I don't suppose.  But I don't like supporting the Terribly Run Forum in any way.  Personal choice, YMMV. 

I'd rather just cut-n-paste it over here, which is what I did above, practicing what I preach.  LOLSmile  

It's all good I suppose but personally I don't want to support the bad behavior of the owners and moderators over there by rewarding them with more viewership.  Just me I suppose... Smile

Later!  OL J R Smile