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Full Version: Quest Igniters
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Though I am not using nor worried about them,
I understand there is quite a discussion about Quest igniters in the hobby.

There's been an interesting blog entry about the status of igniters posted
in the Rocketry Show blog run by " the Rocket Noob."

You might enjoy going to look at Daniel's comments and see if you agree...
It would be a huge benefit to all of us if they start manufacturing these igniters in the US, along with their engines.
Way too many things are manufactured overseas which only serves to benefit the bottom line of the corporations manufacturing them, while hurting our workforce and economy.
The trouble is many folks will order from companies overseas to save a few cents without giving a thought as to how they are hurting the US in the long run.
In many cases (ie electronics) they have no choice as it's all produced overseas..
Keep in mind that the new Quest igniters will be "starters," i.e., new formula with no pyrogen.
Sounds like time to get some dip...

Later! OL J R Smile