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Full Version: TRF & Lawsuit posts....I'm out of the loop...
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Hey Mods,
If this is not appropriate, or should be done more quietly, please feel free to admonish me or just delete this thread.
Today I popped  onto another rocketry forum, and flipped quickly between the LPR and MPR forums... just cause that's what has the most interest to my nooB rocket hobby.
I was a little surprised by a "sticky" at the top of the MPR forum (but not the others) that reasserts forum rules and chastizes those who might make fun of others or post cruel comments.
Now, I don't check every day, and I certainly don't read the entire forum (who has time?) but I don't recall anything for a while that I would classify as "mean-spirited".
There was also a reference to not posting or discussing "The Lawsuit"...
and that really caught me off guard, as I have no idea what "Lawsuit" they are referring to.

Was this an old posting of rules dusted off because of something recent?
Is this something I should be aware of?

Can anyone give me a simplified explanation of what I'm missing?
and again, if this is an inappropriate question, let's delete it rather than ruffle feathers...
The sticky was posted in 2007 so it's pretty old. I assume the lawsuit referred to is the one the NAR and TRA filed and subsequently won in 2009, against the ATF for overly restrictive regulations on APCP motors. See here, page 5 and 6.

Thanks to the TRA/NAR victory in court, rocketeers no longer need explosive permits, approved storage methods, and inspections to store their larger high power motors.
Couple people been banned lately for trash-talking, racism, and politics. Same old same old. Carry on.
(09-29-2016, 09:59 AM)Bat-mite Wrote: [ -> ]Couple people been banned lately for trash-talking, racism, and politics.  Same old same old.  Carry on.

OK, thank you.