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Full Version: Tackle Box Support Supplies
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OK, now this may seem strange, but it's strange to me, so I bring it up here.

Recently, an older rocketeer has donated his tackle box to me, and opening it up, I find it is PACKED with supplies.
Motors, ignitors, nosecones, recovery wadding, swivels, parachutes, you name's in there.

At first glance, I'd swear there must be 30-40 motors of various sizes and strengths, all nestled in their own plastic compartments, and then closed under clear plastic, and neatly fold/stacked to close up tight.

There's no obvious chart, or labeling of what goes where, but everything is sorted.  You can visually spot whatever you're looking for, and retrieve it easily.
I assume because he's given it away, that he's leaving low power behind, and as he knows this is the division of the sport where I live and operate, that I have the most use for it.

But I've noticed that there's at least two compartments with two different types of ignitors/starters separated.  One group seems to be black tipped igniters, and one is tan tipped starters.

This has gotten me thinking.... if igniters and motors, plastic plugs and recovery wadding come in combo packs, then where in the world would anyone get this many motors in one fells swoop?  Ditto, where does one find 30+ igniters and 30+ starters?

Is there some bulk-order by strength of motor?  Or is it more likely that he's bought each pack, one at a time, and busted open each pack, sorting them into different piles and compartments?

Now that I'm thinking about this, I have noticed that a lot of the older rocketeer who I call old hands and who act as advisors, all seem to have a tackle box or jump kit like this.
How common is this practice?
To your first question, why don't you ask the person that gave it to you? They do sell "educator" packs of motors, but in limited varieties. Most likely he bought lots of them at a good price and busted them open.

I use three storage bins from Home Depot to organize my stuff. Mine has removable dividers, so that you can make some larger and some smaller chambers. I also carry a tool box with, you guessed it, tools in it.

My bins have my smaller motor casings, spacers, retainers, igniters, cable-cutter supplies, zip ties, pens and pencils, multimeter, Leatherman, LPR motors, e-matches, jar of BP, jar of rivets, shear pins, hairbands (for harness management), etc., etc.
Should I be nervous that I only know what half of the items you've listed are or are for? Wink

The obvious idea is to ask the donor, but...well, it's complicated....and sometimes you don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak.
It's just better to say a heartfelt "Thank you" and then inventory it later with utter amazement that you've been gifted!
Well, most of what's in my boxes is for HPR. I just wanted to give a sense of what I carry and how I organize it. Just for the sake of sharing:

smaller motor casings (anything short enough to fit, 1G and2G, mostly)
spacers (go inside casings so you can fit a 2G load in a 3G casing, for ex.)
retainers (hold reload inside casing)
cable-cutter supplies (device like a tether or Chute Release for lat main deployment)
zip ties
pens and pencils
Leatherman (stainless multitool)
LPR motors
e-matches (for dual deployment charges)
jar of BP
jar of rivets (plastic rivets for securing payload tube to AV bay)
shear pins (nylon screws for holding NC to payload tube and booster to AV bay, sheared by deployment charge)
hairbands (for harness management)

I also keep my GPS Tx and Rx units in there, my club badges, motor adapters (for putting a smaller d. motor in a larger d. MMT).
I have probably 100 each of B6-4, C6-3, and C6-5 motors that I've acquired over the years - usually at a hefty discount from Target or Walmart end of season clearance sales. I've got 2 boxes of 24 each A8-3 that I bought from the Boy Scout's website when they cleared out a few years ago... Not too hard to accumulate, especially when it gets difficult to find time to fly.

As for my boxes, before each launch, I stock up my smaller motor boxes. I have a box of starters and wadding, a box for electronics, a box for HPR casings and accessories if needed, a box of tools, glue, and repair parts, and a box of whatever specialty or consumable items I need for the rockets I plan on flying - rubber bands, elastic, removable motor mounts, motor adapters, etc
So, how many boxes does that total for you?

I thought I could keep mine to under two fishing tackle boxes...but I have already outgrown them, and more crap keeps getting added to the "take along pile".... Wink
(10-14-2016, 10:42 PM)Kirk G Wrote: [ -> ]So, how many boxes does that total for you?

I thought I could keep mine to under two fishing tackle boxes...but I have already outgrown them, and more crap keeps getting added to the "take along pile".... Wink

Depends on what I'm flying. Could be 1 box if I'm just flying low power.  Could be 5 or 6 if I'm doing both high and low power.
I have a handful of igniters that I have purchased. Estes sells them separately. Quest used to sell Q2G2 in 24 packs not too awfully long ago. I have about 100 bought from various sources specifically for deployment charges. You may also be looking at some that are home dipped.

As for boxes, I have a tool box for miscellaneous supplies, a partitioned box for BP motors, and several plastic ammo cans for AP reloads. I picked up a plastic tool box with 2 wheels curb shopping one day as well that I intend to build inserts for. The handle doesn't currently collapse, but I think I can work with that given the zero dollars price.