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Full Version: LDRS 36
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LDRS 36.
Who's coming and what are you planning to fly?
(01-06-2017, 02:04 PM)MarkH Wrote: [ -> ]LDRS 36.
Who's coming and what are you planning to fly?

I'll be heading down - but haven't decided what I'll be bringing yet.
Ill be going as well.

Going to fly my Frenzy XL on an CTI L395 Mellow. Last year that did 11,800 feet at that field.
Also going to fly my new 3" Darkstar and 3" Punisher. I want to send my punisher as fast as it can go without breaking the waiver.

I don't have anything large and dangerous and will mainly be trying to get my Punisher 4 and SPEV builds off the ground.
Here are a couple pics of Robert Dehate's Patriot at the recent MDRA launch going up on an N5600.  I think this is flying on multiple motors at LDRS.  Nice Estes Flash in the foreground on the LPR pads.
So from what I hear, day 1 is a washout. Damn.
I am confident however, that the remaining days will be cloudless blue skies, totally wind free and no mud in sight!
Optimism and all that.

So... it's now up to you lucky bastards that are there to post lots of photo's and video's for us poor buggers that can't be there!

Reports below, with lots of photo's and great video's.... GO! Big Grin
[attachment=1510]Windy again today but lots of Rocket ? fly in.

Super Big Bertha going to away cells.


Square Hammer ? is a pretty cool song by Ghost. Here is the Square rocket on way to away cell.

Super Super Big Bertha was a disaster.
Square One
Venus Probe
Blue Maxx

Big Red Max

50 C to 20 D BP Motor Cluster
Non BFR Rocket
I really wanted to fly my L3 on Thursday morning but that was a no go until Sunday. I never fly in strong winds that make a rocket weathercock over the crowd....

Anyway managed to get mine off on Sunday!
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