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Full Version: Rebuild of Vigilante
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I bought my Estes Vigilante in the late 70s.   It's flow a lot of flights and showing it's age.  The tube has been buckled and repaired.  The top of the tube is flared.  Of course with all the repairs it was painted black.  So I decided to order parts to rebuild some of my fleet.   I couldn't believe how cheap it could be if you shop around.   I most of the parts from Balsa Machining from the parts for the motor mounts.  The rest from Michael's. 

 I'm kind of excited to see the rocket the way it was meant to be and be able to fly a Vigilante again.    My Marauder will be next.   An exciting project is I want to build an upscale Marauder.

    [img][Image: 5dabb39c-1d45-4a8d-8f89-d9bcd8ca9ef9_zpsov9iubhf.jpg][/img]