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Full Version: What's your favorite LPR rocket(s)?
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Anybody got a favorite out there?

No points for guessing mine...

[Image: 16523032531_9d073bb68a_o.jpg]
Mine is the Quest Harpoon.  lol not sure why just love this little rocket.
Only been a BAR for a couple of years but my go-to rocket is my Estes Crossfire. Mine's been repaired and repainted a couple of times.
The one that I always build when I come back to rocketry is Der Red Max, so I guess that's my favorite, although Big and Baby Bertha are right there with him. I like low and slow flights that I can track and recover.

My favorite builds are the Sci Fi designs, but then I avoid flying them to keep them pristine. Of the Sci Fi designs, Mars Lander and BSG Viper are favorites.
Hmmmmm...   I would say it a toss pup between a Fat Boy, Red Max, or a Goblin.
[Image: UFO-Iup.jpg]
Granted, this is an HP upscale, but the point remains.  I got compelled to take up a large project, but after that, It'll be a 1:1 UFO-I (D-powered) with a 2x not far behind.
Estes Goblin and Patriot.  Enerjet Athena and 2650. Big Grin
My favorite will always be my first: the original chrome-plated, clipped-fin KC-1 Citation Quasar.
It may be old design, but the Big Bertha is always a good flyer in most situations. The Silver Comet is another fav...

Mine, obviously, is the Viking.
All credit due ofcourse to Centuri, but, the Estes version with the little Viking man decal grabbed my attention as a little kid in the 80's, as well as the 5 sharp looking fins which stood out to me as different compared to the other kits in the hobby shop.
I saved my pocket money and it was then the first rocket kit I ever bought and built and flew, hence it holds a special place for me.
Some people poopoo the Viking, but I still love it.
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