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Full Version: Hello from Florida
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As the name says, this is BAMA Chutes and more specifically the B in BAMA. BAMA is an acronym for me, my wife and our 2 kids. I recently found out about this forum so I had to join and find out what it's all about. I love helping and education so for anybody who makes their own chutes, feel free to reach out and I can provide some resources and info on about 50 different types of chutes and how to make them. 

Little bit about me. I am currently Level 2 certified and don't know when I will be getting my L3. I am absolutely obsessed with parachutes and was a paratrooper in the Army, I am a certified FAA parachute rigger, and one of my mentors was an engineer on the Apollo recovery system. I have made chutes ranging from 9" all the way to 75' and my highest deployment to date is a 28ft diameter cruciform deployed at 109,000ft MSL. I have a few systems destined for space though. I have designed components for large guided parachutes systems that carry up to 10,000lb.