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Full Version: Launch Pad Vendors?
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Since I've been gearing up to become a BAR once again, I've been looking at upgrading some of my equipment.  Back in the early 2000's there were a few vendors making some well made launch pads.  Magnum, A Launch Pad Company, Yellow Jacket, to name a few.  Trying to search out current options, it seems they are very few and far between.  I've found many have simply converted the Rockwell Jawstand to fit their needs, which is an available option.  What other options are out there, aside from the standard plastic junk offered by the big three?

Jamie Knight makes these:

Don't have any personal experience with these but was considering replacing an old Magnum pad I had a while back and considered the Knight Mfg pad.
Are you talking LPR, MPR or HPR? For LPR and MPR it is easy to make your own with a sawhorse and a little hardware, or a stand-alone out of PVC.

For HPR, the aforementioned Knight stuff, plus Apogee has a gun turret pad that is similar to what we use at MDRA.
I guess I should have been more specific. I'm looking at a pad for larger mid power, small high power. I have my original rail pad, with a PVC base, which will do fine for now. But, I'd like to eventually upgrade to one that is more robust. The pads that Steve linked to look like a good replacement for my PVC pad. The one at Apogee, looks great! But, would not be worth the investment, unless I planned to use it as a club pad as well.

I have a couple of fellow firefighters that can weld, and, might just get with them and see what we can come up with, and compare costs with what's available.

I built a pad with nuts, bolts, angular and square aluminum plus some other hardware, all from TSC.  Works great, you can fold it up and switch rods, you don't have to weld it!  Just a hack saw, sharpie, ruler, wrenches and drill.

I can get a couple pictures and a parts list if you want...
Welcome back Astro, it has been a long time since I have seen you active.  Do you still reside in the Blue Grass state?

Pad mfg's are getting fewer, and even less are filling their shoes.  I ended up building my own pads for use with low to high power, as there are a lot od ideas out there to choose from.

Again, welcome back to rocketry... at any one time, I always find myself clawing my way back into the hobby saddle so to speak...
BuiltFromTrash, yes, I'm open for all ideas.

Dragon64, still in the Blue Grass state. Seems like not only Pad mfg's are fewer, but, vendors in general, as well. I still have my PVC based rail pad, the one Walt put to the test (and re-kitted) with a J570 years ago, lol. The pad head held up like a champ on that launch, but, showed the weakness of my design in the PVC base. It would probably be okay for what I plan to fly around home. But, on the remote chance I ever need it for something larger, I'm looking to upgrade it.

I'll be coming back little steps at a time, and, probably start attending more launches next year. I've had the itch for a while, and, just going to ST on Saturday as a spectator, was enough to make me start scratching, lol.
Hmm...  Looks like you may need a bigger pad than I built.  Mine holds 1/4" and 3/16" rods, I have a 4' rod in it now, but it can probably take a 6' rod too.  It has a 48" base, the legs fold up, it has a pin you can pull to bring the rod horizontal, and a blast plate.  You could get away with it, but I would be careful as I have only flown F and G motors off of it s far, I don't know about larger motors.

I currently am packing for LDRS, so it could be awhile before I have the time for specifics.  I WILL post pictures when I can.
Here is a tough mid thru high power pad that I built:

Originally a John Coker inspired design, it has worked flawless at every launch. There are many that argue not having angle adjustability... but it has been a non-issue for as long as I have owned the pad.
I made mine out of about 70$ worth of metal 130$ with the 1010 rail and the 1515 rail it will also fit large rod too it is all tig welded fully adjustable for uneven ground it folds up easily and lean over for easy loading i will also be making a tower to me that will be using the same base offered to make some and sell them but got no traction

sorry pics wouldnt post but here is a link to my facebook page with the pics check it out
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