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  Finishing 3 up
Posted by: rvanleer65 - 06-07-2015, 01:09 AM - Forum: Your Projects - No Replies

I have an Estes PS Nike Smoke, a PML Mini BBX DD and a Quest Harpoon all in finish and painting stage.  Up next after that will be a Madcow 4" Pike with DD.

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  What's your favorite LPR rocket(s)?
Posted by: K'Tesh - 06-07-2015, 12:36 AM - Forum: Low Power - Replies (45)

Anybody got a favorite out there?

No points for guessing mine...

[Image: 16523032531_9d073bb68a_o.jpg]

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  Bluetube Optimas
Posted by: DBMcCann - 06-07-2015, 12:29 AM - Forum: Your Projects - Replies (17)

So, I have this obsession.  I've got an Optima and a Shadow I built back in the day.  I've build two downscales out of BT60.  I've got a semi clone with a short BT and a round nosecone.  I have parts for two more full scale clones.  I have a BT50 SEMROC kit unbuilt, and both an Optima and a Shadow unbuilt in the boxes.    It's a small issue.  Way back when I got back into rocketry, I built a small Onyx.   Quickly outgrew my local fields and decided if I was going to club up, may as well build something worth doing an L1 on.  Thus began my plans for my first Bluetube Optima.   29mm, plywood fins.  I took a good bit of time building it, and learned a lot along the way.   I'd have done a few things differently,   better epoxies, 38mm mount, etc.  So I'm building that now too, and a cluster just for fun.   I'll get to those later, but here's the first- 

First layout of parts.  All this stuff seemed crazy big to me.
[Image: 5956207360_8d620917b1.jpg]

Fin layout:
[Image: 5959824552_71ff9f0f88.jpg]

Slotting the tubes.  I now use a dremel and cutoff wheel.
[Image: 5965992656_2de2170e75_z.jpg]

fitting the fins
[Image: 5965989888_e8353184b2_z.jpg]

first dry fit.  I cut a slot in the fin tabs and locked them over the CR.the motor mount is excessively long.

[Image: 5986096131_e2122f3f35.jpg][Image: 5970945559_0e536a610c.jpg][Image: 5968265477_4c4f0e6cec.jpg]

another place I went a little bit crazy, this U bolt, and massive harness.
[Image: 6016430334_f829119228.jpg][Image: 6016429062_bbfc383992.jpg]

This is after I took the clamps off that kept the forward fins in place:
[Image: 6027144069_1093104579.jpg]

May have overdone it here:
[Image: 6020295092_de68b09855.jpg]

Grabbed a rocketman 3' after I realized the fruity chutes 16 was waaaaay too small
[Image: 6110645306_9815f3b792.jpg]

Tiny thin fillets.  another thing I'd change
[Image: 6098069919_3b8cbd28eb.jpg]

[Image: 6027701194_c75a9a9fae.jpg]

Ready for paint, priming, painted!

[Image: 6027703222_671a7c3c30.jpg][Image: 6139214898_8b3f2d4d5e.jpg][Image: 6160522417_cc6e5a5fca.jpg][Image: 6128891232_a272c525c4.jpg][Image: 6190321343_46f5ec41ce.jpg][Image: 6187243504_a5c53bd954.jpg]

In flight-  F50T, G78G, G38FJ, F50T, G54R, H133BS, G77R, G40W, H250G, G79W, G138T, G80T, G78G, G77R, G79W,  G53J, G78G, G79W

[Image: 6233012116_1e3276ac02.jpg][Image: 6233017906_0e00c723f5.jpg][Image: 6232550269_82f6d78e75.jpg][Image: 8196908484_fe3fc5deee.jpg][Image: 8686809791_aa6202ebe0.jpg][Image: 8686817609_ea5eba8a7b.jpg][Image: 9438509675_95e7fd6ef4.jpg][Image: 9438905753_cf94874ed1.jpg][Image: 10393725733_348c1378b6.jpg]

[Image: 10393442724_6cd4046d2e.jpg][Image: 14064292533_efc69c063e.jpg][Image: 14579120694_8ff4bc74ce.jpg][Image: 14616995986_e7e17edbea.jpg][Image: 14579120054_2eb671c2e7.jpg][Image: 14394245920_c494956e18.jpg][Image: 15375449035_908c413605.jpg][Image: 17685466898_2a359dcd7b.jpg][Image: 17687025489_54393394c7.jpg]

So, Now I've learned what I did wrong.   I've debated going DD on this many times.  But it would put the weight into something that wouldn't fly on a G80,  and part of the great joy of this rocket is grab it, slap a motor in, and walk to the pad.    So it stays single deploy.  I have other rockets for going high.    But I want it with better glues, and a 38mm mount.  so here we go.

[Image: 16637988639_694bcb3da8.jpg]
[Image: 16603170746_272ce57be4.jpg][Image: 16717878603_22564c79b3.jpg]
[Image: 18318845261_1c0c2e12a0.jpg][Image: 17876123064_aaa43376e8.jpg]

Oh, and while I'm here...I found out these fit...so lets make a third Smile

[Image: 17202493045_427f9700bb.jpg]

Sanded the fins all even

[Image: 18312630789_cafdc4cabc.jpg]

dry fit
[Image: 18312633189_6954c3d0ae.jpg]

Heres the second fin going in.   The first was even, didn't need to be adjusted.  This one was slightly off, and the fin guide doesn't fit the 3/16 fins.  So I got a little creative.   Glued in the Motor mount and the fins with Aeropoxy ES6209.   Aeropack is on with JBweld.

[Image: 17928254903_8eff5261d3.jpg]

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  What I'd like to see in this website
Posted by: codysmith - 06-06-2015, 10:35 PM - Forum: Forum Help - Replies (41)

Hi! Great forum here! I'm assuming the site is still under construction as many of the forums won't let us post (not me anyways) 

A few things I would suggest:
1) A welcoming section where we can introduce ourselves
2) I want vendors to be able to post what they want without paying a huge fee
3) an upgrade from TRF!

Seriously though, I'm glad that this forum was started and I hope it all works out!

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  Banner Ads
Posted by: wclune - 06-06-2015, 10:27 PM - Forum: Forum Help - Replies (1)

Wondering how one might go about having a banner ad placed at the top? This one would be for LDRS34.
Nice forum BTW.

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Star General Resources
Posted by: WvonBraun - 06-06-2015, 10:09 PM - Forum: Beginners Corner - Replies (2)

If you are interested in building model rockets I will suggest three locations to visit starting with some basics.

Even if you intend to build high power rockets and you built some low power model rockets years ago I suggest that you build and fly at least one low power rocket to refresh your memory of previous builds. Before you can build you must have the tools and this page from the National Association of Rocketry, one of two national organizations for model rocketry in the United States, can help.

One company, Apogee Components, has created dozens of videos that can help the new builder or the returning modeler. The first series of videos show how to build and finish a skill level 1, low power model.  Additional videos address special components, electronics, and construction of high power rockets.

If the intent is to build high power rockets then I suggest that the builder buy (or borrow) a copy of the book, "Modern High Power Rocketry 2" by Mark Canepa.  With the higher thrust and greater stresses found in high power rocketry, this book will help the builder to accommodate those factors into the construction of the rocket. A web search will provide several outlets for this book.

Below are links to other useful websites:

A2Z Hobbies www.a2zhobbies.com
ACSupply http://www.acsupplyco.com
Aerocon Aerospace http://www.aeroconsystems.com/index.html
Apogee Components www.apogeerockets.com
Apollo 11 (UK) www.apollomodels.com
Balsa Machining Service www.balsamachining.com
BRS Hobbies www.brshobbies.com
Coast Rocketry www.coastrocketry.com
Commonwealth www.commonwealth.net
Discount Rocketry www.discountrocketry.com
Giant Leap Rocketry www.giantleaprocketry.com
Great Hobbies www.greathobbies.com
Hangar 11 http://www.hangar11.com/
Heavenly Hobbies www.heavenlyhobbies.com/home.html
Hobby Linc www.hobbylinc.com
Jon Rocket www.jonrocket.com
Launch Pad 2000 www.launchpad2000.com
Leading Edge Rocketry http://leadingedgerocketry.com
Merlin Missile Solutions http://www.merlinmissiles.com/
Performance Hobbies www.performancehobbies.com
Photos By Nadine www.photosbynadine.com
Ray Dunakin's Aerial Photography raydunakin.com/Site/Welcome.html
Red Arrow Hobbies www.redarrowhobbies.com
Rocketarium www.rocketarium.com
Rockets and Things (UK) www.rockets-things.co.uk
SierraFox Hobbies (Italy) www.sierrafoxhobbies.com
Sirius Rocketry www.siriusrocketry.com
Star Rocketry www.starrocketry.com
The Rocket Garden www.therocketgarden.com
Totally Tubular http://www.erockets.biz/Totally-Tubular.html
Tower hobbies http://www.rocketfun.com
UDISCO www.udisco.com/
Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack http://www.unclemikesrocketshack.com
Wildman Rocketry www.wildmanrocketry.com/
Zeppelin Hobbies www.zephobby.com

Advanced Rocketry Group http://www.argrockets.com/
Aero Pack www.aeropack.net
Aerospace Specialty Products www.asp-rocketry.com
Aerotech www.aerotech-rocketry.com
Always Ready Rocketry www.alwaysreadyrocketry.com
Art Applewhite www.artapplewhite.com
B2 Rocketry www.b2rocketry.com
Binder Design www.binderdesign.com
BMI Rocketry http://www.bmibay.net/rocketry.html
CNC Rings -n- Fins http://www.cnc-rings-fins.com
Cosmodrome Rocketry www.cosmodromerocketry.com
Custom Rocket Company http://www.customrocketcompany.com/
Cygnus Rocketry http://www.cygnusrocketry.com
Dr. Zooch http://drzooch.com/
Edmonds Aerospace www.edmondsaerospace.com
Estes Industries www.estesrockets.com
Excelsior Rocketry www.excelsiorrocketry.com
Fliskits www.fliskits.com
Fruity Chutes http://fruitychutes.com/
Giant Leap Rocketry www.giantleaprocketry.com
Hawk Mountain Enterprises www.hawkmountain.ws
High Tech Rocketry http://hightechrocketry.com/
Impulse Construction http://members.cox.net/impulseaerospace/main.htm
In Flight Rockets http://www.inflightrockets.com
LOC Precision www.locprecision.com
Madcow Rocketry http://www.madcowrocketry.com/
Mercury Engineering http://www.mercury-rockets.com/
Mile High Rockets www.milehighrockets.com/
Pemberton Technologies http://www.pembertontechnologies.com
Performance Rocketry www.performancerocketry.com
PML www.publicmissiles.com
Q Modelling www.qmodeling.com/
Quasar One Custom Rockets www.quasaronerockets.com/index.html
Quest Aerospace www.questaerospace.com
Quickburst www.quickburst.net
Rail Buttons www.railbuttons.com/rb
Red River Rocketry http://redriverrocketry.com/
Rocket T-Shirts http://rockettshirts.com
RocketChutes www.rocketchutes.com/Index.htm
Rocketman Enterprises www.the-rocketman.com
Rowes Retainers www.rowesretainers.co.uk
SEMROC www.semroc.com
Sirius Rocketry www.siriusrocketry.com
Spherachutes http://spherachutes.com/
Squirrel Works, The www.squirrel-works.com
Sunward Aerospace Group Limited www.sunward1.com
Tango Papa http://tangopapadecals.com/index.htm
The Launch Pad www.the-launch-pad.com
Thrustline Aerospace www.thrustlineaerospace.com
Top Flight Recovery http://www.topflightrecoveryllc.com
Trident RocketWorks http://www.trident-rocketworks.com/i...tpage&Itemid=1
True Modeler's Rocket Kits www.truemodeler.com/
US Rockets http://v-serv.com/usr/

Rocket Motor Manufacturers
Aerotech www.aerotech-rocketry.com
Cesaroni www.cesaroni.net
Contrail Rockets http://www.contrailrockets.com/
Dr Rocket www.drrocket.com
Estes Industries www.estesrockets.com
Gorilla Rocket Motors http://www.gorillarocketmotors.com
HyperTek Hybrids www.hypertekhybrids.com
Loki Research www.lokiresearch.com
Roadrunner Rocketry http://roadrunnerrocketry.com
Rocketflite http://www.rocketflite.com/
Rouse-Tech http://rouse-tech.com/index.htm
SFSM Industries www.sfsmindustries.com
Sky Ripper Systems http://www.skyrippersystems.com/

Rocketry Electronics
Adept Rocketry www.adeptrocketry.com
AltusMetrum http://altusmetrum.org/index.html
BigRedBee http://www.bigredbee.com/
Black Magic Missile Works www.blackmagicmissileworks.com
Feather Weight Altimeters www.featherweightaltimeters.com
Missile Works - http://www.missileworks.com
Ozark Aerospace http://www.ozarkaerospace.com/
Perfect Flite www.perfectflite.com
Pico http://www.picoalt.com/
Transolve www.transolve.com

EMRR www.rocketreviews.com
Beginning Model Rocketry www.flythingz.com/rocketry/
European Model Rocketry www.europerocketry.com
Fly Rockets! www.flyrockets.com
Essence's Model Rocket Reviews http://www.rocketreviews.com/
Minnesota Rocketry Network www.mn-rocketry.net/mrn/index.htm
Ninfinger Productions www.ninfinger.org
PVC SPIDER R&D Project http://meatballrocketry.com/spider.htm
Rakety - plánky www.mo-na-ko.net/rakety-planky.htm#Monika
Rockets Magazine www.libertylaunchsystems.com
Sunward Aerospace http://www.sunward1.com/eduresources.htm
Thrust Curve www.thrustcurve.org
Ye Olde Rocket Forum http://www.oldrocketforum.com/

BARCLONE - http://barclone.rocketshoppe.com
JimZ Rocket Plans www.dars.org/jimz/rp00.htm
Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide http://rocketry.wordpress.com/ultima...-rocket-guide/
Ye Olde Rocket Plans www.oldrocketplans.com

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  First BAR projects finally 'Finished'
Posted by: itspossumtime - 06-06-2015, 10:00 PM - Forum: Your Projects - Replies (7)

Okay, I'll get things started.

I got back into Rocketry after about a 30 year hiatus last fall, built several over the winter and finally got around to the painting a decals on several.

The Citation Patriot was my first.  Looking back now, I maybe should have started a little more slowly than to try and clone one, but it was my sentimental favorite from my youth and I wanted to have it again!  Although it was an easy to build rocket, it's really all about the decals.  Many thanks to Gordon at Excelsior Rocketry for the decals!

Pro Tip:  If you have a new pit bull puppy that lives in the same area you build and store your rockets, make sure you put them somewhere about 3 times higher than the length of your pup.  I had to start over with the Patriot, a Ricochet, and the Drifter in the picture (cut new fins, fill teeth marks, etc.).  I also had a Semroc April Dancer that I was only able to save the nose cone from (fortunate, since that is the defining characteristic of that rocket).  The Flutter-by was a total loss, but, thanks to the many Estes sales, it's back in the build pile.

Speaking of the Estes sales, that's where the Hornet and Phoenix Bird came from, as well as the Ricochet and Chuter-two not pictured (they're in the final stages of finishing/decals).

The Drifter is another sentimental favorite that I wanted to clone.  I just always found it to be very elegant.  Another round of thanks to Excelsior for its decals.  I really like a lot of the old 'Astron' designs, so I'll eventually have a Cobra and Ranger (I see Semroc has that kit available again).

[Image: 18534470442_16d5ca6f26_b.jpg]Untitled by 69murray, on Flickr

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  SEVRA Launch 6 Jun 15
Posted by: phlash - 06-06-2015, 07:34 AM - Forum: Local - Replies (2)

Looks like it's going to be a low-flying day at Fentress.  Cloud cover is at about 2000' right now and will rise throughout the day.

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  LDRS 34 is around the corner!
Posted by: darkstar rising - 06-05-2015, 04:41 PM - Forum: National - Replies (26)

Hi fellow fliers...

I hope you have your rockets lined up and ready to fly at LDRS 34, which is now less than 3 weeks away!
Based on the number of folks registered we are going to have hundreds of flights each day during this 5 day event. Cool

Between all of the flights, catching up with folks from the West coast and other areas we don't get to see often, the great food being offered at the field, the banquet, and some very special guests, this will prove to be one super event!
See you on the field in Potter NY for LDRS 34!  Smile


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