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Another New Member - Screaminhelo - 06-19-2015

Just joined and figured that this would be the best place to say hi.


I see a familiar name or two here so you are forewarned of my personal expertise on any subject in which I have the smallest inkling of knowledge.

I have a new project going that I am doing a thread on in another forum.  I'll share it here as well so that I can reap the benefits of yet another group of rocketeers.


RE: Another New Member - Greg Young - 06-19-2015

Welcome aboard Bill! Smile
Pull up a chair and set a spell...

RE: Another New Member - Cl(VII) - 06-20-2015

Is this thing on...

RE: Another New Member - Bat-mite - 06-22-2015

Howdy, Bill.  Welcome to the place where people state their opinions like facts and think they know more about rocketry than they really do.  You'll fit right in.   Tongue