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Madcow Screech at LDRS - DBMcCann - 06-27-2015

Two flights to around 8600'.  J1026 Loki Cocktail at 36G and 1100 ft/s.   K1127 Loki Blue at over 50G (spiked the altimeter :Sado no speed)

[Image: 19218190771_c171a6a398_c.jpg][Image: 18593955203_b98d2eb144_c.jpg][Image: 19026878020_3f1b7a2f72_c.jpg][Image: 19028370649_e02773138a_c.jpg][Image: 19188920796_78d759b604_c.jpg][Image: 19028878609_97dd17f67b_c.jpg][Image: 19209156862_920ba8bbdc_c.jpg][Image: 19028878259_aaf391f277_c.jpg][Image: 19218703581_f382ddc942_c.jpg][Image: 19028877809_82e0f0bebc_c.jpg]

[Image: 19215010755_6500ab4c9c_c.jpg][Image: 19027432458_c4ff76737b_c.jpg]

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - DBMcCann - 06-28-2015

[Image: 19241996625_f8c8aa1e5c_c.jpg]

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - rstaff3 - 06-28-2015

Nice looking rocket. Looks best with fire below it. What the f*** is the 'f***' in the photo about?

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - DBMcCann - 06-28-2015

Thanks!  I'm thinking of naming it "See-Ya! " or "Punch It! "   I'll likely only ever fly it on 38/1200 and 38/1320 loads  (hoping AT comes out with a green load for that case)

I changed it to a more friendly NOOOOOOO.  But my thoughts where not "noooo"   Smile    I wired the charges backwards and blew the four foot main at 8700 feet.  Luckily It recovered not too far away in a good place.

All four launches on the bird-

[Image: 17772071686_b19e3d2372.jpg][Image: 17612107379_3410a67086.jpg]
[Image: 19026878020_3f1b7a2f72.jpg][Image: 19028877809_82e0f0bebc.jpg]

[Image: 19205526182_6d769e26f5_c.jpg]

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - rstaff3 - 06-28-2015

OK, thanks. Like the trajectory plots on top of one another.

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - caveduck - 06-30-2015

That's some serious Screech'in! And some really benign wind conditions those trajectory plots.

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - grouch - 07-05-2015

As cool as the Loki's are, that At shot is the bees knees. The color of the flame is just down right angry looking.

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - DBMcCann - 07-05-2015

I love those J510W's

I do need to fly one on the same day as a J1000. Settle that one up nice.

hows this for angry?

[Image: 17178007103_ec53dfa8ee.jpg]

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - rocketjet787 - 11-02-2015

That really is beautiful!

RE: Madcow Screech at LDRS - wclune - 11-02-2015

There is nothing like Whitelighting!
It is a total waste of propellant as all that flame and smoke is caused by propellant burning outside the case, BUT it is WORTH IT!.
Looks just like a shuttle booster too cool