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NARAM-57 - July 25-31, 2015 - caveduck - 06-30-2015

NARAM-57 is now just a bit under 4 weeks away!!  It's hosted by SARA in Tucson, AZ at a model airplane site featuring extensive shaded prep areas out of the sun.  Besides the LPR competition for which it's known, NARAM in recent years has turned into a heck of a week-long high power launch. The 6500' waiver is kinda low this year but it will keep 'em in view.  I'll be there for the whole thing.  I have precious little build time but hope to fly a few things, both competition and HPR.

The official site is here:

Hotel rooms in the NARAM block were still available as of about 3 days ago.

This year features Internats team flyoffs; come out on the 25/26th to see RC rocket glider pilots extraordinaire.