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LDRS Photos! - DBMcCann - 06-30-2015

Photos from Thursday and Friday at LDRS.   Clicking "show all" greatly helps browsing.  

Prints are available as well as digital downloads.  

Thanks for looking!

RE: LDRS Photos! - DBMcCann - 07-09-2015

Two more Galleries from LDRS34.   Highlights, which are just photos that grabbed me as I flipped through all 10K I took, and CATO,  which is a catchall for the shots we don't like to admit we like looking at.   I left most of them unedited, and included the whole sequences so you can look and speculate when it all turned south.    These are easier to browse if you click "show all" at the bottom.

RE: LDRS Photos! - rstaff3 - 07-09-2015