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USMC Scratchbuild - dgreger - 07-22-2015

I had planned on using this design for my L3, but that turned out to be too tall to make it look right. So I ended up ordering some parts from Barry at LOC, I'll do another thread when I get all the parts for my L3.
Basically a 5.38" diam, 54mm powered 3FNC slightly under 7ft tall.
The Chevron fins are the rank I was when I got out in 1992, and the decorations are mine as well.
The plan is to use an actual picture of my uniform and have Mark @ Stickershock print it as a wrap depending on how it turns out, it will look like the fabric. I already have the fin decals.

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - rstaff3 - 07-22-2015

Cool concept...and thanks for your service!

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - Greg Young - 07-22-2015

Dave, that design is fabulous, what a great idea! Smile
If my dad was still with us, he would be very excited to see it fly.
As has been said, thanks for your service, and ...
Semper fi!

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - dgreger - 07-22-2015

Thanks guys, I always wanted to do a military tribute rocket, first idea was a POW theme but figured thats already been done I'm sure, not that it means any less, but this one would really mean alot to me and dedicated to the Corps.
So far, the parts list is:
LOC 5.38" Long NC (Already have)
LOC Airframe, Payload bay, and Altimeter bay.
54mm MMT and Aeropack retainer
1/4" ply CRs
1/4" ply fins.
Pretty simple design, Still playing with final height/weight in RocSim, but looks like around 4800ft on the Noisy, Obnoxious K815 Skidmark

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - Bat-mite - 07-22-2015

That is WAY COOL, and reminds me how little creativity I have.

Looking forward to seeing it launch. I might even have to come out on a Sunday if necessary.

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - Tom C - 07-23-2015


Very nice design.
I look forward to seeing it fly in Maryland.
Thanks for serving.

Tom C.

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - dgreger - 07-23-2015

Got the parts already from Barry! FedEx dropped them off a little while ago. Its a basic build so I'll only snap a few pics as I go along.

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - JEAdams - 07-25-2015

Dave, Thanks for your Service!
Once a Marine, always a Marine.
My dad served in WWII Pacific Theater.
It's ironic...he was wounded before he hit Saipan.
My wife is from Saipan. My dad cared very much about her family history.
I hope your rocket is a huge success!
Please, good close ups of your rocket and maybe a video of it's first launch?
My dad always stopped what he was doing when I was a kid and watched me launch rockets.
I miss him dearly. I don't think I will ever stop missing him.

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - dgreger - 07-27-2015

Now, this may look crazy but it was actually helpful in determing how tall to build and how its going to look with vinyl on it.



The trousers actually fit over the airframe, and as you can see I had to use cable zip ties to hold everything, but it looks like I will be using the full length airframe and payload bay from LOC so we're coming out to 84" tall. The bottom 4" of airframe will be gloss black to simulate the dress shoes. The Nose cone was stolen from another rocket and will be Gloss White with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on it same as the Dress hat.

RE: USMC Scratchbuild - Greg Young - 07-28-2015

What a clever build Dave! Smile
This has to be one of the most interesting "odd rocks" I have seen.
It shows quite a bit of ingenuity, and thought.
Be sure to get a good video of its launch, along with a lot of pics you can share with us!