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MDRA ESL 209 - ScottS - 11-12-2015

MDRA will open up the winter season at Higgs Farm next weekend11/21 & 11/22.  I've heard about an O motor and an N motor flight planned so far.  Starting the season out right!!!

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - Rocketmom - 11-13-2015

Looking forward to next weekend!

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - wfcook - 11-13-2015

Hoping to be there as much as possible - Mythbusters tickets Saturday night with the young'ns but other than that should be clear.

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - Bat-mite - 11-13-2015

Desperately hoping to be there, maybe going for Mach 1. Weather-dependent.

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - Coop - 11-16-2015

WILL BE THERE. Hellraiser flight planned for L3 attempt. At least 4 other HPR birds, a few MPR, and some LPR which we are going to flog into MPR territory because 24mm reloads are a hoot.



RE: MDRA ESL 209 - ScottS - 11-16-2015

We're planning to set the field up Friday. Should give us a head start on getting some rockets in the air Saturday. Lets hope for a few more days like this past Sunday.

See you at the field Saturday.

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - djkingsley - 11-18-2015

The new "This End Up" will make its maiden flight Saturday when I attempt my L2 flight again. The first "This End Up" now resides in the 100 acre woods at the sod farm. This time around I have a GPS tracker installed.


Edit: rotated image so the right end was pointed up.

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - Tom C - 11-19-2015

The HOJO will return to Higgs on Saturday.


RE: MDRA ESL 209 - Rocketmom - 11-19-2015

Are you stay at the hotel Friday night Tom?

RE: MDRA ESL 209 - Tom C - 11-19-2015

Also flying on Saturday at MDRA is the Tube Fin
CTI M3700 to 1000'