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Mobius video - DBMcCann - 06-09-2015

picked up this little guy and a 3D sled.    I am amazed and very very happy I did.

[Image: 16551494772_31276377e5.jpg]

RE: Mobius video - wclune - 06-09-2015

Dave that is just awesome!

RE: Mobius video - DBMcCann - 06-09-2015

(06-09-2015, 10:37 PM)wclune Wrote: Dave that is just awesome!

Thanks Bill. I've got to admit, it's really feeding my need for speed and altitude. Before out of sight was just out of sight.....4500', 7,000' who cares? Now the view really shows the altitude and how fast it gets there...

I'm gonna need more and bigger snap ring cases Smile

RE: Mobius video - Greg Young - 06-10-2015

David, the video is great from the Mobius! Smile
You have those fins aligned perfectly, with none of spiraling we see on ascents on a lot of videos.
Did you purchase the sled with the camera, and how did you secure it to your bird?

RE: Mobius video - ROCKETS - 06-10-2015

I have the Mobius and printed shroud. Great products and they work great together. I used 6-32 screws to attach mine to the FG airframe. I just tapped threads into the FG and everything is secure. I did mount the shroud about 6" from the bottom of the rocket (as a test) and that turned out to be a mistake. The thrust plume is so bright at that distance that it dominates the frame that the camera shuts down the "aperture" making everything dark.

RE: Mobius video - DBMcCann - 06-10-2015

I got the camera on eBay, and the shroud directly from Andrew's etsy site. I also screwed it right into the FG airframe. I quickly painted it, and it took it well but is still a bit rough. The next one I'm going to try to sand and seal for a smoother look.

Thanks for the fin comments, I think the high speed may help that a bit, we'll see how it does at low speed someday. The next two motors are 38/1200s though, so not anytime soon.

RE: Mobius video - Greg Young - 06-10-2015

Thanks guys! Will check into Etsy for the shroud.

RE: Mobius video - DBMcCann - 06-10-2015

RE: Mobius video - PokerJones - 06-10-2015

Wow, that is some great video and one sweet rocket, well done.

RE: Mobius video - RocketryRuss (Rrwjr) - 06-14-2015

Nice flights. I think I should look into one of those cameras. Enjoyed the music as well.